Does these yellow feather on the back mean this is a sun conure


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May 11, 2023
Hi guys , hope everyone is doing well and same goes for your birds.
A month ago I brought home a young sun or jenday conure I dont know for sure because some tell he is a sun conure some say he is not but in the beginning when I brought him home he had no yellow feathers at all, but tonight I noticed that his back has some and just wanted opinion on your experiences with baby sun conure, he was around 3 months when I brought him home.
And he like to bite me to blood, he has no limit on his bite he goes all of I guess, and really I cant do nothing about this. Sometimes he gets scared by my hand the first 2 seconds till he sees that is my hand he is in panic, got me thinking if could he be mis treated by the breeder?


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Jun 23, 2023
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I'm not entirely sure on identification, to me it looks like a sun but I could be wrong! For being fearful of your hands it's possible that he was mistreated as a baby, but birds are also very skittish creatures and he might not be accustom to you quite yet. Something I did to work with my Conure growing up was starting on the other side of the room, slowly walking towards the cage and as soon as she seemed nervous stopping waiting for a few seconds until she calmed down and walking slowly backwards two or three steps. it took about a week before she was happy with me walking up to the cage and then all of the sudden she was practically LEAPING into my arms! I also searched up lots of youtube videos on hand taming and training tricks in order to bond more!


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Jul 14, 2017
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there was a similar thread only a few days ago....

I'd have a better idea with a size type photo. A sun conure is going to be about 100 grams where a jenday is larger with 150 grams.

here is an image that may help.


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