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  1. M

    Formula in my sun conure nose!

    Hello I just got a 6 week old sun conure form a breeder, he explained how to hand feed him and everything. When j was feeding him yesterday he shook his head and some of the Formula when into his nose I quickly wiped it off, however there’s still some in his nostril and is a hard. I don’t want...
  2. P

    Lesson: 19 years old Sun Conure looks acts healthy but isn't

    My Sun Conure named Putter is 19. He looks great. Behaves as he always has. He had not been to the vet for many years. I figured wing clipping and a look over we'd be good to go. The vet said, 19, wow that's old for a Sun. Really, when I got him as a baby his feathers all green, no bright colors...
  3. AnnaOster

    Greetings!! :v)

    Hello everybody!! My name is Anna and I am an art student with a two-and-a-half-year-old Sun Conure named Oster. I think birds are super fascinating and I love learning about them! Oster is very sassy but also extremely sweet. He loves papaya! I hope to learn more about birds and learn how...
  4. L

    Difference between sun conure and gold capped?

    Just generally speaking, of course. I've heard the gold capped are more mellow. I'm looking for a cuddly Velcro bird ideally (I know you get what you get 😉). I currently have a grey. Does anybody know if there are many differences? Thank you:orange:
  5. P

    Sun Conure Head Bobbing

    Hello all, I am very concerned for my sun conure Papaya, he is four months and since last night he has been doing this weird aggressive head bob as if he is trying to throw up. I am not sure what to do as I read head bobbing is normal but it looks so uncomfortable. Here is a video of him doing...
  6. Jingles.Opie

    Sun Conure Gender

    I've been reading the differences between male and female Sun Conures and would like to try and guess your DNA sexed Sun Conures. The pictures must be very clear, the bird should be standing regularly, and include the whole body. I've attached a picture as reference.
  7. Ezekiell

    Wanting to purchase my first feathered friend

    Hi Everyone, My partner and I are in the process of buying a townhouse (small complex of 4, Australia) and I'm thinking this is the perfect opportunity to finally purchase a feathered friend. When I was young I used to keep canaries so know a bit about bird care (little me would always scrub...
  8. M

    My sun conure age

    Hi, I just received a sun conure a week ago. The breeder said my sun conure is about 2 months olds and i just wondering is the 2 months old is enough to teach him a solid food? And can my sun being placed in a cage or what? :orange:
  9. Mango


    our Conure
  10. B

    First Sun Conures

    Hello all, I’m getting a new Sun Conure next week. I bought him a big aviary for a cage so he’ll have plenty of room to exercise and be happy. I wanted to get everything ready for him before so I’m not fumbling around his cage during the first few days he’s getting adjusted. So this is my first...
  11. Squeeing_Onion

    Chicken the Sun Conure - And how I almost didn't get to adopt him!

    I thought I would share the story of my experiences adopting, living with, and caring for, my first bird - Chicken. 1. The Research, and Deciding :orange: I thought long and hard about teh decision to adopt a bird. I spent weeks pouring over article after article, reading a few books I was...
  12. Squeeing_Onion


    Heya! You can call me Onion, and I'm still a relative newbie at parronting. I adopted my first parrot, my beloved Sun Conure named 'Chicken' from a rescue called PAEP, some ~3 years ago. Sadly, Chicken passed away just this last August. He was an older bird with, as I am coming to learn, some...
  13. M

    Inquiry about space heater.

    So I'm considering getting a space heater, and of course as every good parrot/bird owner knows, teflon is dangerous as is off gassing of any kind. So I was was considering this space heater Patton PUH680-N-U Milk-House Utility Heater That's the name of it. I'm purchasing it off Amazon. There...
  14. S

    Help with sun conure purchase. Is this a red factor or no?

    Hello all and thanks in advance for any replies. I used to have some finches and a canary but that was a decade or so ago. I have been researching different pet birds and interacting with them at bird stores for about a year. I fell in love with sun conures and my family and I decided that was...
  15. CarolineBradley

    Only parrot owners will get my embarrassment

    OK... All you other conure owners out there.. Has any one else had a similar moment? Sooooo i was at the doctors recently regarding a vaccination I have to have to care for Flying foxes in Australia (I'm a wildlife carer... long story).. Anyway, the doctor asked me if I smoked, specifically if...
  16. B

    The girl I'm dating is bringing her 2 Sun Conures over

    The girl I'm dating has 2 beautiful Sun Conure parrots (both male) and she plans on bringing them over. What is the best way for me to greet them and make sure that they like me and that I do not pose a threat etc.? They are very close with her...and very protective. Any advice is appreciated...
  17. W

    Sun Conure in his Terrible 2's- HELP!

    Heya! I'm a first time sun conure owner- for a year now, and I've hit this snag with my sunny. I got him when he was about 3 months old, and he was precious. Already tame and what not. He made being a first time Sunny owner easy. I'm a school teacher so during the school year, he got use to me...
  18. W

    Hi Everyone!

    Howdy y'all! I'm Wild Child, first time poster, long time lurker. I'm momma to a growing, fiesty, confusing, amusing, likes-to-scream-his-head-off-even-when-I'm-standing-next-to-him little guy called Hunny- he's a sun conure. He's a 1yr and 3 months old, and I swear he's going through his bird...
  19. CarolineBradley

    G'day from Australia

    Hello all, I'm originally from Ireland but moved to QLD Australia in 2003. I have 3 pet parrots (Sun :orange: and GC Conure and galah) and adore birds. I'm the president (and bird coordinator) of a wildlife rescue group, I'm an artist (painter) and musician.. So hello all hopefully this forum...
  20. T

    Sun Conure trying to Mate with me?

    I have a Sun Conure, Piña. We don’t know her age since we forgot to ask. However, we do know she is young. Anyways, she’s so sweet and I’ve had her for about a month. She’s well trained, will let you feed her, pet her, and hold her. (Reminder: I ONLY pet her on her head. I’ve NEVER touched her...