amazon parrot

  1. V

    Black market Amazon parrot

    So I got more information on the Amazon parrot I was given. He was definitely a black market parrot. The person who gave him to me gave him because he didn’t talk right away and didn’t have any patience. They had him in a tiny cage with no toys and only fed him sunflower seeds. For more context...
  2. S

    Advice please!! Adopted a Female Northern Mealy Amazon

    Hello everyone! I need some advice please! I just adopted Azul, she’s a female Northern Mealy Amazon and she wasn’t abused I don’t think but definitely neglected when it comes to human interaction. We flew out to California from Tennessee to get her last weekend and then drove back as we...
  3. Iago'smom

    Cage size for two birds???

    Hi! I am new to the bird-keeping hobby but have done extensive research! I currently have a Quaker Parrot named Iago, and I am in the market for an Amazon Bird. I recently visited a bird sanctuary to see if one might be a good fit and there he was!!! A DYH male named "Rascal". To his...
  4. tropicfront004

    Green Amazon's for sale, young.

    A fellow enthusiast recently passed away and I've inherited his flock. I am trying to get rid of some of these birds so I have them at a great price please inquire in the comments if you would be interested in obtaining anyone or a few of these beautiful and exotic parrotlets
  5. R

    Hello all!

    Hello! I want to start this with saying I personally don't own a parrot. I joined because I have a huge question about my roommates/landlords Amazon parrot and need help, but I'll be posting in a separate thread about that. I may come back in 9-10 years when I get a bird myself :) I do wonder...
  6. O

    New to Parrots (Mealy Amazonian)

    We adopted a Mealy Amazonian today. We have no background history, except that he's older. He's very skittish, yet amazingly started letting us pet him, but he doesn't like to be moved, from perch to cage or anywhere. Is it okay to keep him in cage? He has sneezed a few times as well, and sounds...
  7. J

    Weird parrot feather! A little worried!

    Hi guys i made this account specifically to post on this question on this forum for my orange winged amazon. His name is Scooter! He loses a flight feather every so often and I’ve been keeping them because why not! But he has this weird feather I’ve noticed on his right wing and he lost it once...
  8. A

    Annoying noises from a double yellow headed amazon

    Hello, my 5 year old double yellow headed amazon is continuously making annoying sounds similar to groaning or moaning as if it wants somerhing. I truly have no idea what it could be as my parrot is well fed, hydrated and physically active. I doubt this noise is learnt from my family members or...
  9. B

    Should I rehome my parrot?

    Okay, before I start this I need to say, please try to be civil, please no comments telling me off, suck it up, etc. (This community seems very nice and, logically, I know I haven’t seen anyone do that, but I am a very anxious person), This is hard enough for me already. So. I got my Amazon...
  10. G

    Amazon parrot feather loss between beak and nostrils

    Hi! I have a one year old amazona Oratrix (Coco) who is being treated with antibiotics for chlamydia (psittacosis), and is currently loosing feathers between the beak and nostrils (photo here). He is out of danger in regards to the psittacosis, and will take his last injection and post treatment...
  11. M

    Clingy amazon parrot

    Hi, I have a red-lored amazon. He's approximately 21 years old, and I've had him since 2001. However, lately (maybe a year back), he's become more clingy. He can e.g. be sitting in his sunlamp or on his cage, completely satisfied. When I leave the room, he runs down on the floor and sprints to...
  12. A

    Possibly early bumblefoot ? Advice needed

    Hi all , I’ve recently seen a post online about bumble foot and I’m suspicious that one of my fids may have it. I will attach pictures if any one of you reading this have seen or had experience with bumble foot before. It seems like a very early stage. I’m suspecting it’s probably due to the...
  13. D

    My First Post and How I Found My Bird!

    Hey everyone! My name is Jesse, I'm 19, and as of May 5th of this year, I became a bird owner. His name is Bingo, he is between 5-6 and is a yellow-naped Amazon parrot. When I met Bingo, we were in New Jersey at a mom-and-pop shop called "Birds By Joe". I highly recommend them for supplies...
  14. LilianNightshade

    My rescued Amazon is missing his flight feathers?

    Hello, I recently came upon a baffling aspect of my parrot I can't find an answer for and hoped someone in this forum could clear it up. It's a long story, but I feel like this context is very important for my question: my parents and I recently took in an amazon parrot called Loro after my...
  15. N

    HELP! I want to make things right w/ my 11 year old Amazon...

    Okay, first of all, I apologize. I know that some people might get angry with my post, and you have full right to be. I am angry with myself too. Now let's start with a little bit of background: 11 years ago my father bought a yellow headed Amazon, his name is Oliver! He was just a baby. He...
  16. ForTheLoveOfBirds

    Help needed. Aggressive yellow napped amazon

    Hello fellow bird lovers, I am extremely new to this hobby, only having gotten a parrot 2 weeks ago and I need some help. I have a 35 year old yellow napped amazon parrot. She was my great grandmothers whom could no longer take care of her. Unfortunately, this bird was abused by other members...
  17. A

    Yellow poop , what's causing it ??

    Hi all , I just noticed that my amazon Fid is pooping yellow , it was the first time it happened , I will attach a picture , if anyone knows what is the cause please share some advice , I am organizing to see the vet asap but there is only one vet in Trinidad trained to see exotic birds so I...
  18. A

    Alex 5 OWA inro

    Hello my name is Alex, located in Trinidad. Im raising 5 orange winged amazons. They are quite the rowdy bunch and i will post pics and short vids as they progress. :)
  19. C

    What Species is my parrot and what is wroung with him

    Hi there, I got a parrot from one of my friends. Hi says its a 6 month old indian ringneck parrot who is loosing feathers. so i want to know is it really indian ringneck or any other species and what is wrong with its feather. i am really worried about it.
  20. W

    DYH Amazon biting

    Hello everyone, great site by the way! Never thought of registering until now, but there is a lot of good information on this website. Anyway, I was given a Double Yellow Headed Amazon parrot, named Baxter, from my Aunt who was moving to Florida. No idea why you wouldn't want to bring your...