Cheeky and Baby making friends !


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Oct 23, 2015
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I really can't believe what happened.

I let out Baby and Cheeky out today and I also let Mango come out too.
Mango's wing damage had mended and she had her full flight feathers so was safe to let her fly.

But Cheeky really seemed to make progress in making friends with Baby.
I have wanted Baby to make a new friend ever since he lost Lucky but he was not interested in the girls.
Popeye doesn't get along with anyone, I don't know what his problem is.
But I had tried to put Baby in Cheeky's cage or vis a versa but it never worked.
When out of the cage Baby would just fly away.
I got two videos I only uploaded the first .
The second video is a bit cuter but does not show Mango in the frame.
After recording Cheeky bows his head and Baby gave him a brief scratch with his beak :love:

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