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Apr 2, 2015
Double yellow head amazon
My DYHA came to me with two cages, One is in great shape but the other has rust on it. Of course the one with rust is the bigger better made cage. How can I get the rust off and what do I repaint with that's safe?
Hi...I'm at that point right now...see the large cage post...I made for Ivan while I rehabbed his rather large double cage...I'm keeping it and sending the double down the road....anyway..I've taken the cage apart,wirebrushed everything and the bad spots have been primered with Rustoleum...the cage was powder coated and it most places it was in good shape,the pans were the worst so they needed to be lightly sandblasted and primered..then a color coat of Rustoleum on everything..some place two coats...Paint...have read everything about it...lead has not been used in the US paint for over thirty years...but the cage should sit for a week or so to allow all the solvents to "flash" off...working in the garage or outside is best..enjoy,Bill

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