Crickets weight


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Apr 17, 2015
I finally weighed her last night. She weighs in a 454 grams.

She absolutely LOVES FOOD!! I opened a pound of butter last night to put in my butter dish and she ran across the counter and dove into it before I could stop her! WTH!? Like seriously this bird will eat ANYTHING that is not good for her! LOL!
So, not as big as she looked in the pics.

Still a silver gray, just not ONE OF THOSE Lake Victoria grays.

I've only seen one of those, but a 675-ish gram CAG is quite a sight to behold. Only a handful of those were ever imported. Probably no more than a dozen to 18...

Even the ones legally imported, of course, were smuggled birds. None of them were 100% legal.
My Black-capped Conure LOVED butter, too! We would have to try and distract her whenever I was making my son's pancakes in the morning (microwave type), but we usually failed!

I saw a BBC video on youtube about New Zealand Kea parrots called "Kea - The Smartest Parrot?" The video tested the intelligence of these wild birds by setting up complex "puzzles" for the birds to try to solve (kind of like advanced foraging toys on a larger scale). They used BUTTER as the treat to motivate the Kea's to solve the puzzles!
Wow, Cricket IS a big girl! My Grey loves food, too, and he eats about the same amount a day as a small child. He's a BIG eater! He's never had butter but he starts saying "Popcorn! Popcorn! Popcorn!" the minute he sees the makings for such come out of the pantry. Silly foodie birds! ;-)
My Gcc tries to take my coffee.. I have to put it in a travel mug to keep her out of t. She will also eat anything, including kale :)

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