jenday conure

  1. ShadyCrooks

    Rehome male Jenday 8 years old

    My name is Vladamor and I’m 8 years old. I am a male Jenday and healthy. I am very vocal and I like flock calling. I am looking for a new home and human. I am not very good with small children but I love men, they’re my favorite. I do bite like most birds but only when I am scared. I don’t...
  2. Happyandzaza

    Does these yellow feather on the back mean this is a sun conure

    Hi guys , hope everyone is doing well and same goes for your birds. A month ago I brought home a young sun or jenday conure I dont know for sure because some tell he is a sun conure some say he is not but in the beginning when I brought him home he had no yellow feathers at all, but tonight I...
  3. E

    Sun Conure or Jenday?

    I recently got a conure and he was labeled as Jenday but I’m positive he is a Sun. Just wanted other parrot peoples thoughts. He turns one at the end of april.
  4. Raz

    Weird Jenday conure behavior

    Recently my conure laid 2 eggs, but cracked both of them. She had a nest box and liked to sit inside. Before she did this thing where she’s flapping her wings and making noises once in a while. Now it’s 24/7. I don’t even think I’ve heard her sleep. To be honest it’s very annoying to me and...
  5. Raz

    Jenday conure laid an egg!

    My female jenday conure laid an egg. She laid it on my thigh, and sat on it for the longest while before I got up and realized that there was suddenly an egg on my thigh. I tried not to touch it, but quickly assembled a nest and placed her egg on it, and then in the cage. She didn’t care for it...
  6. fury

    Sudden aggression/behavioral changes in Jenday conure

    Hello, this is my first post on parrotforums, but I felt like it was neccessary to ask this because I'm not sure what to do ... (Hope I'm doing this right lol) I've had my Jenday for about 4 years now and I raised her from a fledgeling, she(I think she is a girl, though nobody knows for sure)'s...
  7. Raz

    Why is my male jenday conure acting like this?

    My male jenday conure had always been friendly, but would sometimes get angry, which is understandable. But now he’s been suddenly lashing out on my hand or arm when I’m not doing anything at all. I suspect it’s because it is spring , or mating season. I attached a video, if anyone can give me...
  8. Raz

    Which food brand?

    I’ve got two Jenday conures and I’m trying to switch to pellets. But trying to find the best ones are hard. So far , my options are Tops , roudybrush and more. Can someone let me know which one would be better based on brand? Please let me know!!
  9. Raz

    Diet questions!

    I’ve got two jenday conures, can someone give me exact diets for them so they can stay healthy that includes seeds? Along with timing? I usually just leave a tray full of seeds , nuts and dried fruits in their cage whenever they’re hungry and they eat it.
  10. Raz

    Gender and nesting questions.

    These are my jenday conures , they’ve already bonded and im pretty sure ones a male and the other a female based on tail length and head shape, in addition to being adults from the colorings. Can anyone confirm this and give me tips on how to make them a nest that doesn’t require wood? I’d...
  11. Raz

    What happened to my birds?

    My mom came home for the first time and I put them in the cage for a while so we could organize everything. When I came back to let her feed them , they acted violently and bit to actually hurt , and me too which hasn’t happened. Then I studied their behavior and it’s a lot more aggressive and...
  12. Raz

    Can jenday conures eat steamed bun ?

    I was eating a steam bun and my birds came to steal it from me. I feel kinda bad because I didn’t give it to them. Is a tiny chunk okay ?
  13. Raz

    Any diets for jenday conures?

    I’ve got two adult jenday conures! I want to make sure to give them a healthy diet that incorporates seeds as well. I know they like apples, but only without the skin and only a few bites. Can someone help me with a full diet and how to prepare it?
  14. Raz

    Any tips on how to use this?

    After removing this horrid “happy hut” I wasted 20 dollars on, is there anything else I can use it for? Doesn’t have to be just for birds
  15. Raz

    Why do my jenday conures like the dark?

    I recently got a little hanging hut for them to sit in if they’d like but they refuse to sit in it or even check it out. How can I get them to check it out before I take it out? Also instead of sitting in jt , they sit under it , which is a dark corner with little space Why do they do that ...
  16. Raz

    I got these sand perches for my jenday conures , are they good?

    These are the perches! I think they’re well because my conures chew on the wood and break it off and I’m scared they’ll ingest it.
  17. M

    Introducing Conure to Roommates

    Hi everyone! I've normally been able to figure out most of my bird related problems pretty easily before but I'm having a hard time with my current issue. I just got my jenday from my family who'd been taking care of him for me until I finished graduating college, and I'm trying to figure out...
  18. K

    sun/ jenday/ sunday conure?

    So Isla is my beautiful conure! i was told she’s a sun conure but i’ve had a lot of mix messages from people to what she is. i’ve been told she might be a sunday but then others say jenday or sun. She’s 4 months old now. it’s so hard to tell since she’s still young. Any ideas?
  19. F

    Training an Avery Jenday Conure

    Hey All, I'm after some tips from anyone who has experience training a Jenday Conure. Our Jenday Vinnie we adopted as an Avery Parrot who was kept with another male unknowing by the breeder as they wanted a pair. We have had him since November so just over 7 months in that time we have had...
  20. C

    aggressive or playful?

    Recently, i got an 8 month old Jenday conure (Around a week and a half ago) and i'm having trouble reading him. When i walk into the room, he jumps on the nearest perch and moves his head back and forth.He also ''crouches'' (Basically bends his head down and watches me). Can anybody tell me if...