Funny budgie, parakeets and cockatiel stories


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Oct 21, 2010
PePe; Dusky Conure
There was this one youtube video where a cockatiel sings "if you're happy and you know it clap you're hands" was very funny


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Sep 26, 2011
Brisbane, Australia
Cory: Short billed Corella -
Echo: Galah -
Max: Alexandrine -
Skye: Yellow Sided conure -
Luka: Green Cheek Conure -
RIP Shrek: Quaker
Usha I would love to help you but I'm having trouble reading your post. If you still need help please message me so we can further discuss the situation. Thanks

The post you're referring to is from 2010...


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Sep 4, 2012

I have a pearled cockatiel,
she is 18 weeks old.
Her name is passion
She loves to eat apples and she will do anything for them.
She will fly to you if you show her a piece of apple.
She also likes to eat sunflower seeds, millet Spray, and honey sticks.
She isnt really a one person bird as she will go with everyone really.
But sometimes she will fly to who she prefers.
She loves having her head stroked and she will play with your fingers to get you to stroke her head.
You can tell when she wants to come out of her cage as she will run up and down her perch squeaking and biting the lock.
I like living with my cockatiel because she is very friendly and will never bite you.
She tweets happily through the house and is always entertaining.
She was born sometime in april.
i have had her for 6 Weeks but we all already love her so much.
She likes being Held so she can see out the window and loves to be cuddled and stroked.
She also loves getting attention and whenever someone goes in or out of the room she squeaks.
my bird isnt really loud but she does like to whistle.


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Aug 23, 2012
Long island
Pepsi and sprite, both are American male budgies
My 2 budgies Pepsi and sprite always want my attention, ESPECIALLY when it comes to treats. They would rather eat from my hand then on ground. This always happens. I feed Pepsi nutriberries from my hand and give one to sprite for him to eat on his great cup ( prefers eating in cup ) Pepsi was eating then realized that sprites berry was bigger. Chased him off and started eating his . Sprite went to my hand. Pepsi couldn't stand that HIS owner was feeding SOMEONE ELSE , so he went back to my hand . Sprite went to his cup. Then the cycle started OVER and OVER again. Though it's really funny to watch lol.


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Nov 17, 2012
Fond du Lac, WI
Sammy, 8 year-old cockatiel.
Cricket, 1 year-old parakeet.
Well i am happy to say that today, after much training that cricket the amazing parakeet has done her first tricks today! She can now roll over and do a flip on a perch! And the cool thing is, the base for these tricks started from natural things we didn't teach her! We are her first owners! im so excited that she can now do this(it took a long time!) Good job Cricket!


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Aug 12, 2013
Florida, The Sunshine State <3 ~
"Shiro" - Lutino Cockatiel <3 ~
Hi guys! I am new to this forum but so far I really like it! I'll be uploading pics of my baby soon~
Anyhow, Shiro likes to outsmart me XD. I just got him, so he doesn't really like me that much. But he ADORES his cage. So I was doing step-up training with him in front of his cage, presenting my fingers to him like a ladder and he would climb up. The cage door was open, and he wanted to go back. So without me noticing, he kept on stepping up until he flew inside his cage! I didn't relize that my step-up "ladder" was going up and helping him get to his cage! XD clever bird... *suspense noise*


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Aug 21, 2013
Twin Falls , Idaho
Mini and Max, Gray Cockatiels
:yellow1::white1::grey:once we had to put one of our rabbits down ... i went to my room and cried my birds started to whistle to my and i whistled back i took them out of the cage and i pet minnie (max will not let me pet him) i forgot all about the rabbit


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Oct 11, 2012
So Cal
Jacky- Pacific Parrotlet (Nude-subspecies...feather picker.)

Jasper- Lady English Budgie
My English Budgie is a super independent bird....and female, so yeah. Being social is on her time. :)

She'll ride on my shoulder okay, but if I sit on the couch to watch TV the changing images on the screen spook her. Which is funny considering since she'll climb onto my laptop keyboard to chase the mouse cursor as I move it all over. Funny bird.


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Nov 3, 2013
Upstate, South Carolina
1 Blue Front Amazon, 1 Yellow Head Amazon, 4 Cockatiels, 2 Parakeets
My lovely Christina needed company. As the only cockatiel to survive a catastrophic event, I knew I needed to find her another cockatiel to keep her company. She was traumatized by the event, and hid behind her fuzzy toy most of the day.

Once I was assured she was physically sound from the ordeal, I began my search. I hadn't searched for a bird for years as people usually brought them to me. However, I really didn't want poor Christina to be alone for the rest of her life. I was really rather stunned at the shortage of cockatiels available in my area. Finally I found someone on CL who had three for sale.

With my mind full of horror stories, I answered the ad, scheduled a time, and had my husband accompany me for protection. I arrived at the small home a few minutes early and was greeted by several barking dogs. Despite the 20 degree temp the door was open and a tattered screen door barely kept the dogs at bay.

Nervous, I put on my professional smile, and announced my presence. Eye- watering cigarette smoke scorched my nostrils and I wished I had brought my emergency inhaler. Blinking rapidly I was escorted in a bedroom where the only window was covered by newspaper. The dim light revealed three cockatiels in an 8 in x 8 in cage. Trying to focus past the second-hand smoke haze, I saw a beautiful pearl watching me. Despite his horrible surroundings he managed to sit proudly on his perch. His two grey-colored cage mates seemed totally zoned out from the stress.

Not really wanting birds from this kind of situation, I suddenly got a flash of poor Christina sitting behind her bird toy, and against my instinct, I offered to buy the pearl male.

The owner and I dickered on the price. Unexpectedly, my husband made a low-ball offer on all three. Yikes! What on earth had got into him? The next thing I know I was taking home three cockatiels.

As the entire house smelled like a wet ashtray, the poor birds reeked of cigarette smoke. The inside of the car was instantly awash of the foul odor. Once home, they were placed in quarantine in a spare bedroom. Since I wasn't expecting three birds, my cage wasn't as large as I wanted. I apologized to the birds, and for the next few weeks I watched them suffer nicotine withdrawal: trembling, pacing, strange vocalizing.

Eventually things calmed down and I could see their individual personalities evolve. Mr. Pearl, always proud and concerned about his appearance. Cedar, the female, was the active one. Jo, who might turn out to be a Joanna, was the vocal one who like to interact with me.

So the day came when they were declared healthy and moved to the birdhouse. Boy oh boy were the Amazons upset. Thelma reverted to her amazon lunging while Louise barked like a dog.

The terrified newbies spent a few days in a cage near Christina so she could get a visual of her new friends. Two days ago the newbies were placed in the large flight cage with Christina. While I watched the group interact, Thelma and Louise stated their opinion about cockatiels in the typical Amazon manner from their cage. The two hated my guts until I gave them scrambled eggs.

Yesterday I was gone most of the day. I made sure all was well, but I could tell the 'tiels were still kinda nervous about the situation. A bribe of almonds calmed the 'zons, and then I left them to eat turkey with the in-laws. I was worried I had made a mistake by bringing home those extra cockatiels.

This morning was a frigid 20 degrees but the bird house was 75 degrees and quiet. Until Thelma and Louise saw me doing the large animal feeding. They let me know what they thought about that as they watched me through the window.

So I go in the bird house and start the morning routine. Thelma and Louise came out to play on top of their cage. I give them a treat as a reward for stepping up so nicely on the stick. And as usual they began to go their their tricks to earn more treats.

Between their acts I manage to clean everything, and get breakfast ready for my birdie crew. Once breakfast was served and everyone was busy eating, I finished cleaning:sweeping and mopping the floor and so forth.

30 minutes later I was finished and I noticed everybody was quiet. The 'zons were working on the surprise toy that contained a peanut. Louise worked at the layers while enjoying a sunny spot on the perch. Thelma, as usual was tearing at her toy like a kid at Christmas.

And the cockatiels. Christina was pulling at her shredder toy as Mr. Pearl tried to assist. Cedar sat on the perch with one foot tucked under a layer of feathers. Her cheek feathers were puffed out as her tongue rolled over the tip of her beak. She gave herself a little shake as the sun warmed her gray feathers. With half-closed eyes she gazed contentedly out the window. Jo wanted to spend a moment chatting with me so I chatted back.

After a few moments, I did my final check before opening the door to leave.

"I love you," said Thelma. She had found her peanut and was now a happy camper.

And so am I.


Jan 21, 2014
budgie (Cheddar)
I have a :greenyellow: and i cant stop laughing!!!!!! He has a mirror and always kisses it and will grab onto it and start chirping and bobbing his head!! He also will just stop for a second, bob his head still, then go around his cage chirping and making funny sounds!:D


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Feb 16, 2014
R.I.P feathers(budgie) and zues(budgie)
My first bird, feathers, was a bugie. Every time he did something he wasn't supposed to I would blow on him gently. He would emediatly stop what he was doing wrong. One day he did something very wrong an i blew on him harder then normal. He then flew on my shoulder and started to try to blow on me! I was laughing so hard I couldn't stop.


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Dec 21, 2012
Asia, Jordan, Amman
Two Cockatiels, A Timneh African Grey
My Parakeet once came out of his cage to sit on my shoulder for a while. I tried to give him a bath but when I did. he flew and used my FACE as a landing area.
It hurt but I started laughing while I was a bit angry.
Those old times are over now :( he escaped.


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Jun 21, 2014
Omaha, NE
2 Lineolated Parakeets Amy and Rory (yes, they live in a blue cage), 1 Sun Conure Sunny, 1 Cockatiel Chucky
I feed my linnies a chop mix that I keep in proportioned baggies in the freezer. Every morning I pull a new one out of the freezer to thaw in the fridge when I take the one out of the fridge that I put in there the day before.

Yesterday I forgot to put one in the fridge so it is thawing in a bowl of water and the linnies are getting their veggies late today. Every time I walk past the cage Rory yells at me about the slow service.

Yup, I'm just a glorified waitress.


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Aug 25, 2014
I had an adopted canary with pale orange feathers, brought to us by a neighbor, asking if it was ours (They knew we had a bird) We said it isn't ours, but we can feed him until the owner shows up. The owner never showed, and he was in a bad condition anyway, toes missing and very thin. Spring came, a shed revealed new, saturated feathers, almost red. He never got friendly with us, he became a real rebel. He wasn't scared of us though. He attacked the strangest pieces of foods on the table and snatched it quickly away. He never let us hold him, but he flied on us, pecked us and left. He flied on our heads, and pecked on our hair, sometimes pulling a strand out. He sang so beautifully by the way, when he was in the mood, I heard nothing like it. We had to be careful not to leave any kind of liquid lying around in glasses pots, because he would bathe in it. Beer, wine, tea, soup, you name it! He bathed in everything. We always loved to let our birds flying around. We have lots of plants in a room near a ceiling, our birds love that. Once I had to catch him and put him in his cage, he was at a high flower pot and didn't go away. The flower pot was full of strands of yarn, hair, spaghetti and all kinds of weird stuff. He wasn't a rebel after all, he was busy building a nest :) we decided it's time for a mate


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Feb 4, 2015
My son finally talked my husband and I into getting a parakeet this past September after begging us all summer. Well, we came home with two :) knowing nothing about birds (aside from researching their care for a month) we bought them from a pet store. Needless to say, we had no luck in taming them. After taking them out two or three times we decided that it was best not o do it anymore. I thought that they were going to have a heart attack each time! He was so disappointed, so I signed up for cockatiel adoption. I waited a month and a half, with no luck. Well, now we know better than to buy from a pet store so we found a local breeder and on DEC 10 brought home my beautiful 8 week old male baby cockatiel. He wanted tame, well boy did he get tame. This guy doesn't even want to sleep by himself! Two days later, I get an email about adopting two female adult cockatiels who've already been in two homes! Being the bleeding heart that I am, I now own two more cockatiels! The first month was a nightmare BC everyone was in the living room (I have two dogs that I would never trust around them) so I moved everyone into my room and no one has to be caged. Well, my parakeets suddenly start doing things that my cockatiels are doing like bathing. So, a few day ago I just decided to start leaving their cage door open. I was amazed when my little snowball actually decided to come out :) my tiels like hanging out on top of the budgie cage, and my budgies LOVE chasing cockatiel toes. While they were all on top of the parakeet cage, snowball climbed out and proceeded to jump onto the back of my lutino, lol. Then she went on back in..that was one frightened cockatiel! Lol. Well they haven't been on top of THAT cage since. But then today they decided to come on out! Snowball went into my cockatiel cage! A lot of hissing ensued, and then my tiels made a quick exit! Little bluebell is on top just watching everything take place while snowball has bullied everyone today...but I am so relieved that they are thinking about actually joining the rest of us (even if sheer boredom and the incessant need to bully someone was the motivating factor). I've been watching them terrorize my big birds now for two hours, and i've never been more amused or amazed at the big hearts these little guys have :) But everyone is hanging out and things are actually going much smoother now that we've gotten all of that out of our system. This weekend my husband and I are going to stat building a massive play gym so everyone can hopefully learn to get along and live in peace! Wish me luck with getting my little monsters back in their cage? Lol

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