Funny budgie, parakeets and cockatiel stories

Rainbow is a 4 year-old budgie who enjoys eating bread and recognizes that word: when I say it to him, he runs or flies to me and looks for a piece of bread in my hands.
After I give him the first piece, he kicks it back or covers it with his tiny body before warbling for more. If I "find" the ball of bread and place it in front of him, he pretends to eat. But when I turn away, he kicks his bread back again (further) and chirps for more.
Bread? What bread? I ain’t got nothin’!

Sneaky little bugger. Hahaha.🤣
Bread? What bread? I ain’t got nothin’!

Sneaky little bugger. Hahaha.🤣
Once he truly got nothing!
There was the last piece of bread, so I gave him first. He pretended to eat the ball of bread before kicking it as usual, but Mera (one of our Amazons) caught it. Few minutes later I returned, Mera was busy and my tiny scammer was quiet on his perch watching me like saying "it's your fault."
I couldn't give him Mera's, she had soaked hers before catching a new booty.
Otto was sitting on my shoulder, and I said, "Whatcha doing?" and Otto responded, "being a pretty bird"

If you walk by him without talking to him he'll yell, " Hi Otto, hello handsome!" Or something along those lines. If whistle like a wolf whistle and you don't whistle back he'll repeat it and slow it down like he's teaching you how.
Many more funny stories, I'll share later.
When one of my budgies said "birds can't talk"! My boyfriend at the time taught him to say that.
whenever I change out their food cause by then it's just shells my bird Andy Squawkers turns into a cow and screams like it's her child or something I don't know.
heres some meme's and art i made.


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OK THIS JUST HAPPENDED 20 SECOND AGO. Andy flew off the painting on my labtop which I'm using right now. she was chilling with me eating my breakfast when Sky was like "Yo girl come over here" and she flew over like the little sweetheart she is.
This Happens to me regularly:

When I'm out of the bird room (Studying or talking to my friend through phone), I suddenly hear ear-wrecking Lovebird chirps. There have been times where snowii (My Lovebird) makes the same type of noise when in danger or if she has gotten herself into trouble.
I always fall for this trick of hers; She does it for attention or to get something she wants. I dart towards the bird room door and woosh it open, panicking. And there snowii is, Chilling on her favorite perch, Happy that I came to her demand. She then flies towards a panicking me, sits on my shoulder and preens herself, often begging for her scritches.. She has developed such a sassy but sweet personality as i raised her. I still remember the time she used to screetch the second she saw me when she was only 2 months old. I love this sassiness of hers!

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