conure advice

  1. itslizze91

    Essential Oil Diffusers

    are there any that are bird safe or no
  2. L

    Help with a rescue conure.

    Hi to anyone who reads this and thank you in advanced. About 9 months ago, my partners 12 year old sister was given a conure to care for. He? (we are not sure but refer to him as a male) was put in a far too small cage for several months, not cared for beyond food and water, and subjected to...
  3. itslizze91

    Switching my bird over to pellets

    RoudyBush Daily Maintenance Bird Food is that a good pellet to start on? Sorry, I just became a Mommy of one year old Leo. He is a green cheek canard and I don’t wanna do it anything without help or recommendations because I know some of you have had birds longer than I have
  4. B

    Sun conure vocal problem

    Hi, I've noticed that my 3 plus month old sun conure's vocal is much different than other sun conure's. The sound is like lower pitch. but other 2month old sun conure baby's sound is like the adult conure. mine is 3 month plus and don't know is it normal or not. I've attached a video of my sun...
  5. R

    Conure won’t come out of cage!

    Hi everyone, I’m quite new to this site but I thought I’d give it a try. Basically, I’ve had my green conure, Kiwi, for around 4 years. He was given to me when I was 12, and I took the best care of him alongside my mom. I took him out basically every day, but sometimes I would not do it if I...
  6. cosmothebirb

    GCC avoiding veggies in bird chop

    Hi. I recently noticed that Cosmo is avoiding veggies. I put cucumber, carrots, bell peppers and spinach in his food and I add some quinoa, rice and lentils. When I serve it to him I sprinkle it with some oats and chia seeds. He likes veggies and he doesn't reject them, but recently he only...
  7. TeekoGreenCheek

    Teeko says hello everyone.

    Since Teeko and i have joined this site our friendship has grown way stronger. you are all such amazing people. thank you everyone for your help, all the things i have learned is all thanks to you. Sincerely Teeko and Dakota.
  8. cosmothebirb

    My GCC doing a weird dance???

    Hello! Cosmo the birb again! So I just put him on the table a moment ago and he reached for my finger and as I moved it away he did this hilarious head and body movement. I'm attaching the videos, apologies for my laugh but it was just too funny to me, I've never seen birds do this??? He is...
  9. TeekoGreenCheek

    Teeko Refuses Fruit Help.

    I have had Teeko my green cheek conure for about 3 weeks now, im learning alot about conures as i go, Teeko is learning alot as well. But i need some help on getting fruit into his tummy. I adopted him from pet smart, and im pretty sure they never gave him fruit or veggies and only seeds...
  10. E


    My male conure has gotten comfortable with me … toooo comfortable. He’s beginning to try and be naughty with my hand. Whats the best way to stop this as I know if can lead to health concerns. I get him off and seconds later hes back. Would getting another conure of the same sex help get the...
  11. B

    Sun Conure Finger Problem!

    Hi I have noticed that my 2.5-month old Sun Conure bird has curved fingers. and it cannot properly grip the perches or my finger. Is there a likelihood of those fingers being repaired? I would like to seek advice from experts regarding this matter. Thanks in advance
  12. cosmothebirb

    Conure dislikes my mom's phone?

    Hello!! I am kinda new to this forum and to owning a conure. In all honesty I will probably post a lot here given that my knowledge of their behaviour is very weak. We got Cosmo a few weeks ago and he's so wonderful! The whole family loves him. But I went on a 3 day trip a few days ago and my...
  13. T

    Sun Conure behaviour help

    So im 31 years old male from India, and we have this beautiful female sun conure 3.5 years of age. She lives with me and my mom. So my bird has an amazing natural body clock, by which it knows and understands time upto precision of minutes and i can swear by it, like exactly going to the balcony...
  14. Happyandzaza

    Should I get a new friend for my pineapple conure???

    Hello dear parrot community, Its been 4,5 days since I lost my green check yellow sided conure, they didnt get along that well but when it came to preening each other they would go on for hours preening, my pineapple conure used to regurgitate food for the other one even tho they would start a...
  15. Happyandzaza

    Green cheek conure only 4 months, flaps wings and crouches low

    Hello everyone im new to this and i only open this out of curiosity to find some answers. I am owner of two conures one is pineapple conure his name is Happy 1 year and 1 month of age And the other one is yellow sided conure her name is zaza 4 months of age I will also attach photos of zaza...
  16. RedPanda560

    Confused and a bit worried about mixed behavior

    I finally got my baby, we drove an hour and a half to the shop and an hour and a half back, and they were fine during the ride, even bobbed their head up and down a couple times. We get home, and they dont want to be handled (which i understand, new people and a new environment is a big...
  17. M

    Green Cheek hates to be put away

    I have a 6 month old fully winged. It’s always been a struggle to put him away- I would only take him out after work since he would fly from corner to corner until I could grab him. He will go in his cage to sleep on his own though. I recently started letting him out in the morning while I get...
  18. R

    Destructive behavior or molting??

    Hi, I've had my GCC for nearly two years. She's been molting for a few weeks and she's had pin feathers around her head/neck and has grown in a few new wing and tail feathers. That's all been ok but I'm concerned about her back. She does have a handful of noticeable new feathers starting to grow...
  19. K

    7yr old conure biting so often help!!

    hi! I haven’t posted much on here so if this isn’t the right spot for this please let me know. My conure basil is about 7 years old now and she’s always been a little on the nippy side but never to this extent, In the past two days alone she’s bitten me 20+ times a couple times drawing blood...
  20. SleepyLuca

    Am I a bad bird owner?

    This is kind of a vent but I am looking for help if anybody has advice :’) First of all, I of course love my boy with everything I have. He’s my almost three year old sun/dusky headed conure. We hatched and raised him ourselves (that being me and my mom) in 2020 and we have an extremely close...