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Apr 25, 2020
Hi all,

I've had Arthur, my 1 year and 7 month old male quaker, for a little under a year and a half. He loves learning new phrases, flying and shredding toys but lately his behavior has been getting bad.

I'm used to him yelling when we leave him alone in a room and I understand that's his flock mentality and a natural reaction to the separation. Recently he's been yelling when we're in the room with him and it doesn't matter if he's in his cage or not.

When he starts squawking excessively we'll try flying him, changing the variety of toys, taking him out for scritches, teaching him new phrases or letting him alone so he can practice talking. Sometimes it works but when it doesn't, his vocalizations are unbearable.

One more issue we're having is that lately when he flies he's dive bombing us, almost showing us he has the power in our dynamic.

He's obviously in need of something but my partner and I are running out of things to try.

Has anyone else experienced similar behavior? Is this because of his age and because it's spring time (he is showing mating behavior)? Have we trained him improperly? I've always been against clipping his wings because I hate the idea of a bird not being able to fly but I've heard clipping can help with aggression.

Any and all recommendations for help are more than welcome and sorry for the long winded post!!

Thanks in advance,
Oh heck yeah! My Neptune has been Hormonal! Screaming bus head off, claiming new territory and agressive defense if it. Masturbate.
It was insanely loud in my house for a little over a month.

Thankfully in the last few days this seems to be winding down! Yippie!

When things are very loud and you need a little break. Encourage a bath time, splash with your hand in a big shallow serving dish. After a nice bath you get maybe 40 min of quiet.

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