I need help with my Green Cheek Conure


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Jun 3, 2024
hello , i hope all of you doing great
i have a 3 week old baby named Green Cheek Conure. He is sleeping almost all of time and bieng lazy
eating well, and i don't notice anything strange about his po*p. Any idea what could be the problem? I don't have a nearby restaurant near to me , so im in need of help
I have no expertise but I wonder if this thread may help...
Also, here's a list of vets that might help.

Most of us swear by our avian vets in the event of health concerns.
Certified Avian Vets
If none are near you...
Avian Veterinarians
In my opinion, any of the vets listed here should be better than a regular vet.
International contacts, too.

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