1. P

    What color is he?

    I adopted this male recently and his previous owners said his color is called “placid” and that they think he is an albino. I’m suspicious though, because he does have a slight ring. In certain lighting he also has a blue tint to his feathers, but in general he just looks white to me. So I’m...
  2. Wesseljamesk

    My new ringneck is scared of hands and humans.

    I am a new owner to a ringneck parrot. My ringneck parrot is name is tweety.I just got home five days ago in a market in the middle of Paris. Ever since I’ve gotten him he’s been very scared of humans and human touch. In fact he screams very loud if I even get a chance to touch him. To try and...
  3. CricketIRN

    Indian ringneck leg injury

    I got Durra on August 9 she came with a limp. It’s going to be a month now and she still limps. She hops around sometimes using her other leg. She does walk sparingly and her grip is good. And she never stretches it out. I’m scared it’s broken and there are no avian vets in my country. What...
  4. P

    Baby Parrots bite each other

    This is really serious and I need your help. Here is a little background: I have 2 2-month-old ringneck parrots. Meenu and meethu. We got them a huge cage with 2 perches and toys and moved them downstairs( they spent most of their time upstairs in my room but since it is getting hot we brought...
  5. R

    Indian ringneck seems to having seizure

    Hi From past few days my indian rigneck appears to doing something with her legs which seems like seizure. A gif has been attached. Imgur link: https://imgur.com/a/2J2Dvou Do I need to be concerned? Any help would be appreciated
  6. G

    Possible color mutations of this IRN pair?

    Greetings everyone! First time posting here :) I have this pair of IRN that laid some eggs (hatched already). Here is the picture (male on the right) I'm curious to know what are the color mutations that may come out of this pair. Also, what are the pair called. I'll add some pictures of the...
  7. S

    Baby ringnecks and BATHING!

    Hey! I have two baby IRN's who are a month old. So I know I'm not supposed to give them a shower but at what age exactly can I give them a shower because they're starting to stink and their feathers are starting to have a weird texture to them. Also, there's no proper info about it anywhere :(...
  8. S

    Urgent advice needed for baby ringneck

    Hey all, I just got a hand reared Indian ringneck a week ago (3 months old) Its not aggressive, but when it's on me, it will just reach down casually and chew on my skin and draw blood. Is this normal for ringnecks? I've had other parrots but I assumed with it being hand raised it wouldn't do...
  9. A

    Wondering about the sex of my Ringneck

    Hi ya'll. This is Dara, my 17-month-old African Ringneck. Wondering if you can help me figure out Dara's sex via the color or shape of their head. Dara occasionally walks over to a mirror and will give it a little lick with eyes that pin, but not often. No heart-shaped wing motions. Dara...
  10. O

    Can I trust my breeder?

    Hi there! This is my first post on the forum so forgive my noobie-ness. I've been looking around for an Indian Ringneck for some time now, I have now found someone who buys them from a breeder friend and re-sells them. She calls herself a bird trader. The birds look very healthy, they're...
  11. C

    Questions regarding my ringneck

    Hello everyone, I'm totally new to this forum so I'll try to briefly explain my questions and what my parrot looks like. I've established that my baby parrot aged 1 year old named Rio is a ringneck and the colour is totally green. However, this is my first time owning a parrot in general and I...
  12. Gokha

    Please help identify the species of my ringneck.

    Hello, I own a ringneck that is around 8 weeks old, started flying recently and on my way to wean it. I got her/him when the baby was around 3-4 weeks old and i thought it was an IRN. But now, looking at my bird and other IRNs, i see differences in beak color (it’s not red), size of feet and...
  13. I

    getting bird to like flight suit?

    Just a note: Yes i know some people don't like flight suits but please don't leave hate in the comments. Thank you. My ringneck has worn her homemade flight suit quite a few times, Maybe 3 or 4 in the past few days. Unfortunately since it's homemade we wouldn't condition her to it since we had...
  14. G

    It's been 6 months, 0 progress.

    Alright, today was the first time I scolded my IRN. Literally, after months and months of trying to build trust, being extremely patient to all sorts of biting and misbehaviour, and getting him used to his environment, he still has some absolute hatred for me. Scratch that, it's not me, it's my...
  15. Chiriceanu

    I think I gave my bird too much attention and spoiled him. What can I do now?

    I've only had my indian ringneck for a week. In this time he bonded a lot with me. He is now almost completely tame. However I think I made the mistake of giving him too much attention. I've spent most of the day with him, playing, cuddling and giving him treats and toys. I recently learned...
  16. A

    Help Marcel and me

    Hello! I am new here and I thought this would be good place to ask for advice. A little bit of a background at first. A couple of months ago, my mom told me that there was a ringneck at her work; (she works as a nanny) the parents had bought the parrot as a birthday present for their kid but...
  17. P


    Hi, My IRN loves playing with pencils.......is this dangerous for him? I just wondered because its actually graphite and not led...
  18. P

    IRN attacking toys or playing?

    Hi, My IRN is 10 months old and since he started playing with toys (about 8 months ago) he has always 'attacked' a certain toy. They are a set of cat toy balls with bells in them that i strung on a string and hang in his cage. He lunges at them and hits them, when they swing back at him, he...
  19. D

    My 5 month old ringneck

    So recently i traveled so i had my cousin take care of my parrot, my pareot really didnt mind being with my cousin. So when i came back after 20 days i have noticed that my parrot has started to bite me for no reason and when he tries to bite me and i give my arm a little shake he tries to...
  20. D

    4 month old ringneck

    My 4 month old ringneck has lost his tail feathers only, but i have not seen any regrowth. Is it because he is young and the regrowth is taking longer then usual. He didn't lose all the tail feathers at once