Indian ringneck constantly squarking

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Sep 8, 2023
Indian ringneck
I have a hand reared indian ringneck male. He is 4 years old and I have had him since he was about 3 months old. He is constantly squarking when I'm at home. Running up and down the perch with his wings out. I've tried ignoring this and rewarding him when he's quiet, putting him in a small room on his own for a bit then only bringing him back in with us when he's quiet. I work all day, and I get him out for a cuddle every evening and he shares dinners with us. But he is driving me insane from the moment I get up. I can't feed him till he is quiet as it looks like I'm rewarding him when he's noisy if I do. I've run out of ideas. I don't know if he's maybe lonley during the day from me working but I have to work. Thought about getting him an Indian Ringneck friend but don't know if this would help and worried about the introduction period and whether another male or a female would be better. I have aspergers and sound sensitivity and at the moment he is causing me massive distress.


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Jan 9, 2023
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So it sounds like you’ve had your bird for almost four years? Is this new behavior or has he done this the whole time? If it’s recent, try to think of any changes that may have triggered it. Otherwise, two thoughts: birds are flock animals. It is distressing for them to be alone for long periods of time and they certainly will call for you if they can’t be with you. If there is any way you can spend more time with your bird, that would probably help. Second, if your bird is in his cage all day and only comes out in the evening, he’s probably very bored which also leads to screeching. If he’s in his cage most of the day then he’s going to do best with a big cage with a large variety of perches and toys. Rotating toys so he gets to play with different ones can help. Also, foraging toys to help keep his mind busy. Some people even turn on the tv to children’s programs for an hour or two. You mention not wanting to feed him if he’s being loud because you’re afraid he’ll interpret that as a reward, but chances are he is just super excited to see you and his food and I think that’s ok. You’re not going to teach him not be excited about those things nor should you really want to, in my opinion. The last thing to consider is: birds are loud. They just are. Step outside and listen and you will hear wild birds, singing, chirping etc. all day long. They are doing things like communicating with each other and staking out territory. It’s natural behavior and just because we bring them in the house doesn’t mean it will stop. As far as getting your bird a friend; it might help but it might also backfire badly if the birds don’t like each other and you end up with two screeching birds! Hopefully other forum members have some more ideas for you. Best of luck with your ringneck.

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