Introduced Dougal and Merlin to Kyoto today...


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Mar 18, 2015
Halifax, NS, Canada
Kyoto (AKA Kyo)-Green Cheek Conure
Charlie - Canary
Tommy - Budgie
Sunny - budgie
Well… let's just say it went as expected.

Kyo was in her travel cage the whole time. We decided since she has been in it a few times we might try taking her into the living room with us and test the waters.

She didn't care at all about the cats. Was too busy eating her pellets and chattering with us.

Our small cat Merlin took a look at her and BOLTED in fear. That was too funny.

Unfortunately, we have a problem with Dougal. Radar lock-on eyes and lip licking the whole time unfortunately. The moment he put his paw on the cage he got sprayed with water. Kyo didn't care at all, but I sure did.

The most he did after that was stare and sniff (had the cage above him on a table top with hubby and I on either side of it), but he was highly interested and definitely wanting to get the birdie unfortunately.

If only he had been terrified like poor Merlin :30:

I guess this means taking her downstairs to hang out with us is probably not going to work out :( but it was worth a try anyways! At least she was fearless and just happy to be in our presence.:green2:
You might give it more time and sessions. One of my dogs had their eyes locked on Sammy at first, sort of stalking his cage, but after about a week he came to the realization that Sammy was another one of "them" (a pet, not a pest) and now he has no interest in him at all. In fact I took this pic last night... (They were both in my lap and being VERY carefully supervised). Vader be chillin, like "who dat on my back? Oh, just Sammy. Goin back to sleep now."

It takes time for them to lose interest. Lots of time for some. Less for others.

I have ten cats, yes ten. My older cats have been around Sydney and could give two hoots about these guys now. But my younger kitties have to have the newness wear off first.


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