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May 22, 2022
What are the “easier” (yes I know none are easy) species or medium to large birds to breed I’ve had smaller species such as tiels conures. We have a large farm and building many outdoor aviaries 6’H x 8’ W x 8’ L

We currently have a 14yr old Male Military Macaw x 22yr old Female Blue and Gold Macaw that we’re paired recently after military lost his mate and female was rehomed to us because she kept mating with toys and laying eggs repetitively

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Oct 23, 2015
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2 GCA(Luna,Merlin) The Twins
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5 Cockatiels
Overall I would have t say there are few breeders on the form.
Most of the ones I am familiar with are the smaller species (Tiels, Ringnecks, and Budgies).
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Jul 10, 2015
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Large /medium size Parrot Breeders have left the Hobby in large numbers. This based on the crashing market value of a caring Breeder attempting to sell a well-feed, well-socialized and fledged Parrot into a market that has become overly loaded with uncaring, for the cash breeders that sell their chicks prior to them transitioning to solid food and for at least two weeks prior to selling the chick being ready. The Market is filled with junk breeders that are pushing non-weaned chicks onto individuals that are ill-prepared for 24 hour feeding requirements of very young Parrots.

As stated above, there are near zero Farm based Parrot Breeders as the need for such room does not exist. Commonly a home basement is large enough as no one is teaching flight to very young Parrots anymore. Although it is a critical part of assure a healthy Parrot.

Hobby Breeding in todays market is a money losing, tons of work, huge operating costs, including Avian Medical Care costs, into a market that wants 'cheap Parrots.'

Breeding Parrots is hard, expensive, time demanding hobby with not even an off-set in ones costs, let alone time. And to add to all of that! Medium to Large Parrots are difficult to breed as the parents have near zero knowledge in caring for their young and walk away and you are required to hatch the egg(s), and then care for the chick. That's weeks of 24 hour per day, care with near zero returns.

IMHO, stay with farm animals!
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