Lost bird in Vegas


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Jan 15, 2007
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This was on the news today:

NEW BOSTON, Mich. -- April Konopka said her beloved African Gray Congo Parrot named Dusty escaped and flew away from her New Boston home seven months ago.

Konopka attempted to get him back but with no success.

"I'm trying to take off after him and I have a prosthetic knee," she said. "I fell, and I'm crying because he was going higher and higher."

She said she was devastated after the incident.

Konopka began a search using the Internet and Web sites like 911 Parrot Alert, a site for missing birds. As months passed though, even her husband lost faith, but she said she wasn't giving up.

"Dusty was found in Las Vegas, Nevada," Konopka said.

She said a truck driver 2,000 miles away had found Dusty.

Konopka said she has spoken to the parrot on the telephone and knows it's him.

"As soon as he heard my voice, she said he went right for the phone and was saying, 'Hello,'" she said.

Konopka said Dusty is returning to Detroit via truck and is due home sometime next week.
Wow they are very lucky someone found him and all the way in Las Vegas...
How great is that, they are so lucky to have found him.

And I guess a word of warning to all of us now especially as the warmer weather is coming along. Keep them windows and doors closed when our birds are out. Its not just the fully flighted that can take off.

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