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  1. G

    My cockatiel stopped liking me

    I’ve had my female cockatiel for about two years and we’ve always been very close and bonded, she was always very possessive of me and clingy, but suddenly only wants to hang out in her cage. She doesn’t seem afraid of me, she doesn’t get scared when I’m near her cage and I can still hand feed...
  2. O

    Flight attacks

    Hi, I’m new to the forum. I recently adopted a 4 year old male blue naped amazon. We have reason to believe he has been passed around many families and was abused. He has a large scab on the top of his head and the previous owners kept him in a tiny dog cage and only fed him sunflower seeds...
  3. S

    2 month old baby Jandaya conure feeding

    Hello everyone, I got a 2 month old Baby Jandaya conure yesterday. I have been told to feed her 5ml every 8 hrs. Which I have been doing since I got her, but for some reason she's always hungry. I am afraid that I'm not feeding her enough, she's always bobbing her head and trying to suck on my...
  4. C

    Parakeet vent blocked?

    I?ve noticed a few days ago that one of my parakeets?s vent is blocked by parakeet poop possibly. I would?ve take him to the vet at first opportunity, but since I?m a minor and my mom didn?t want to take him I couldn?t really do anything except hope it becomes better. However, it seems as if...
  5. M

    Cleaner recommendations!

    My Jenday loves to poop right against his cage door (probably because he likes to make my life difficult). The screws and tight areas are very difficult to clean and quickly get caked with bird poop. Any recommendations for those tight areas?:rainbow1:
  6. A

    Baby parrot won't eat

    Hello everyone! I just got a 1 month old cockatiel :yellow1: from a friend and I need to hand feed him. I got him at around 9 PM. I tried feeding him using baby bird formula through a syringe at around 11 PM but he wouldn't open his mouth. I put some formula on his beak, but he would just go...
  7. birbsRcool

    cockatiel head bobbing with saliva coming out of mouth

    please help, what is this behaviour? information is on the video. (i posted) i see a drop of saliva on the feathers, and sometimes when he does that i can hear seeds coming out. he's never done this before?! Cockatiel weird behavior | what is he doing? | read description - YouTube saliva looks...
  8. birbsRcool

    I have no idea if Pikachu's sick

    So, Pikachu is going on and off of random symptoms. He was pooping lots, the colour of the poop changed, he got very aggressive, and the poop had a bad smell. Most people suggested a bacterial crop infection, so when I told my dad what was happening, he said that we'll talk about it, BUT then...
  9. R

    Help my bird died bleeding from nose and mouth

    I have 3 birds and 2 of them being a cockatiel and princess parrot who live in the same very large cage. I have had them for over 10 years with no problems they were happy and healthy and today I went to feed and check on them and my cockatiel has passed away with blood coming from her nose and...
  10. R

    Household Cleaning wipes?

    Hi :) I was just wondering whether anyone knows if household anti- bacterial wipes and baby wipes are safe to use around a bird? They wouldn't be used on toys or the cage but very nearby- in the same room I know sprays and aerosols aren't good but what about wipes? I can post the ingredients...
  11. Ceri

    Future Bird Mom

    Hi all. I have previous parrot experience and now that my daughter has gone to college, I am looking for a feathery kid to care for. I have been bamboozled by scammers these past 2 weeks. I AM EXHAUSTED. When I got my scarlet macaw, in 1997, it was so easy. When did this get so crazy, sheesh! I...
  12. C

    Is my bird sick or is he mimicking me?

    My alexandrine worries me. I read some posts on this forum about birds mimicking their owners sneezes and other sounds, but I'm still not sure what to make of this. Sometimes (not regularly, he can go weeks without doing this) he'll make this snorting sound. He sometimes even lifts his head up...
  13. birbsRcool

    HELP! Cockatiel's nail cut too short

    My dad was cutting Pikachu's nails but he moved and was bleeding. I pinched his toe to stop the bleeding and put some cornstarch on it, do i have to do anything else? He is screaming, might be from pain? please help, we'll leave the nails to the professionals next time... Edit: pikachu seems to...
  14. birbsRcool

    cockatiel shivering

    So pikachu is shivering but When she is about to poop she gets all fluffy and shivery and bobs her tail once but after her pooping shes still shivering anyone know why?
  15. M

    where do I find Quakers for sale Quakers for sale

    Can someone PLEASE tell me where I can purchase a blue quaker preferably baby or young for my wifes birthday which has just passed. I live in South Carolina near Myrtle Beach and have had a horrible time trying to find someone to sell me a Quaker. I must be stumbling over and over again with Con...
  16. C

    meloxicam and baytril for lovebird

    My Vet has prescribed 1ml of baytril and 11/4 ml of meloxicam daily for my sick bird. Several people have told me this is too much and they only gave their sick birds 1 drop a day. I've also spent hours researching the dosage online and I cant find anyone that recommend such a high dose. The vet...
  17. A

    Annoying noises from a double yellow headed amazon

    Hello, my 5 year old double yellow headed amazon is continuously making annoying sounds similar to groaning or moaning as if it wants somerhing. I truly have no idea what it could be as my parrot is well fed, hydrated and physically active. I doubt this noise is learnt from my family members or...
  18. LilyPearl

    Why is my cockatiel sleeping on the floor???

    Okay, so I have a 9-month-old cockatiel named Hachi and I've noticed that lately he's been sleeping on the floor of the cage. I see him in the middle of the cage with his head under his wing and one leg up (like he always sleeps)and, honestly, I get scared 'cause since he turned around a month...
  19. R

    Bleeding budgie - please help

    Hi, I just discovered my budgie bleeding from his wing, after checking him for around 10 minutes I couldn’t find a blood feather and so I just put a lot of corn starch on it to try stop the bleeding. I’ve put him back in his cage and am keeping an eye on him. He’s acting normal but keeps...
  20. M

    First Post! Need some advice

    Hey everyone! I recently brought a baby parakeet into my home. The pet store said he was anywhere between 3 and 6 months old. But I feel like something may be wrong. He isn't very playful and really has no interest in being around me at all. It's been about four or five weeks now and I'm at a...