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Nov 11, 2023
Green Cheek Conure
I've recently adopted two green cheek conures (supposedly male and female). One is 10 years old, and the other is about 7. They've been absolutely screaming their heads off from day one, and we've had them for a month now. They have toys (Which they never really use), and spend most of the time in their cage. I'm no beginner with parrots, and I know they need mental stimulation, but these guys are probably the craziest parrots I've ever had. I was always under the impression the green cheeks were quiet and peaceful. These two are obnoxiously vocalizing all throughout the day, especially when the room's brightly lit.

The two often display "content" behavior, such as puffing up, preening themselves and each other--yet they continue to scream for no reason. One weird behavior I've noticed them doing a lot is sitting on a perch and bending downwards with their wings slightly open. I don't know what this means for conures, but they do it a lot, and they often scream while doing it. I suspected that it was mating behavior, but I've never seen them mate, nor did the previous owner.

In addition, I can't seem to tame them. They love millet seeds, will eat from my hand, and the male will often instinctively perch on my shoulder--however, the female is completely wild. Even if she steps up onto your hand, she will intentionally bite down as hard as she can and refuses to let go. She's broken skin with her bites and made me bleed every-time. The male, while cooperative outside the cage, seems to be quite territorial inside the cage. He will aggressively strike forward to bite my hand to bite. This makes it extremely challenging to even take them out. They continue to scream regardless, even if they are flying around.

Looking for some advice on how to proceed, because right now 'chaotic' is the only way I can describe these two little demons.


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Apr 12, 2022
It's really great you have such a big heart and are able to open not only your life but your home up to two birds. However...being that they are older, and possibly an opposite gendered pair, can make it really hard to tame them. I would recommend separating them, but being that they've been together so long it might not be a great idea. Maybe two cages right next to each other? Working with them individually is key to getting them to be friendly with you.
One downside is that GCCs are crazy in general and love screaming. They do it constantly. This is not something that can be 'trained out' of them fully because it's in their nature.
Good luck OP!


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Aug 23, 2021
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Oh, are you talking about my monsters?;), mine are the same only difference they are younger and been with me for 3 years now.
But screaming is a huge problem, to be honest -despite I love them -I would not choose them if I would have another chance. Can be so bothering when you are on the phone for example -or try to watch movies at the evening...
I do not handle them just let them out of the cage and they will go back for dinner. Of course they are willing to take treats from you;) ( walnuts is their favourite), but only step up occasionally .
You said that they are not keen on toys, how about safe branches? Mine love to destroy willow or hard cardboard..


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May 9, 2022
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Ona: Dilute Green Cheek Conure
Green Cheeks aren’t really quiet birds though you’ll find some information out there claiming they are. They are extremely social and contact call pretty often. My girl will also scream when she wants attention or sometimes just because.

Are you in the room when they are screaming or no? Do you think it could be a contact call? If they’re in the cage most of the time it could be because they want some out of cage time, which is difficult until you get the female at least more tame. Since they are older and bonded it will be more difficult to tame them. The male is most likely showing protective behavior over the female when you put your hand near the cage. You might try two cages side by side as a previous poster mentioned.

How much time do you spend by their cage, talking to them, etc? Are they comfortable with your presence in the room?

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