behavior biting

  1. M

    My crazy GCCs won't settle down

    I've recently adopted two green cheek conures (supposedly male and female). One is 10 years old, and the other is about 7. They've been absolutely screaming their heads off from day one, and we've had them for a month now. They have toys (Which they never really use), and spend most of the time...
  2. TeekoGreenCheek

    Teekos protection issues..

    I need some advice to help Teeko stop being so protective...Teeko is very loving toward me and wants to be by my side everywhere and anywhere at all times of the day. I love his attention as much as he loves mine and my wife's. But..the downside is he OVER protective. If anyone comes in my...
  3. M

    Behavior Issues

    Hello! We recently rescued an anxiety ridden 10yr old dna female congo grey. Her name is Kiko and she's an extremely sweet and attention seeking bird...most of the time. She seems to prefer my husband, which isn't a big deal to me personally, but recently has been becoming rather aggressive...
  4. BlazeyKitty

    MY IRN likes to bite my ears, how to stop this behavior?

    As the tile of the post says, my IRN likes to bite ears and earrings and its really painful :cry: how can I make this behavior stop or be less frequent?
  5. S

    I need some advice on how to handle my male parrot’s new behavior

    I have two green cheek conures— Louie and Mango. I’m pretty sure Louie is male and Mango is female. Louie has always been a biter, drawing blood on multiple occasions, and his favorite places to bite are my lips, nose, ears, and fingers; however, he is not always like this. He enjoys cuddling...
  6. Raz

    Why is my male jenday conure acting like this?

    My male jenday conure had always been friendly, but would sometimes get angry, which is understandable. But now he’s been suddenly lashing out on my hand or arm when I’m not doing anything at all. I suspect it’s because it is spring , or mating season. I attached a video, if anyone can give me...
  7. P

    9-months old ringneck

    Hello, I have ringneck parrot for 4 months now. I am spending as much time as I can with him/her. I bought him from man who had these parrots in outside cage. First he was scared but now, if i put my hand into his cage he is trying to fast bite my hand. If I am near his cage and talking, he...
  8. L

    Is my bird grieving?

    So I posted a few days ago that one of my parrotlets died at the emergency room, and since I've been home and interacting with my other parrotlet (she's my only bird now), I've noticed she's been biting me more. I can tell that she's also molting it looks like, but I was wondering if it could...
  9. Pansexualpuns

    very suddenly aggressive bird

    hi! my black capped conure, theo, has suddenly become hyper agressive- enough so that im incapable of taking him out of his cage, in the last day or so. hes bitten me hard enough to draw blood the two times i attempted, which is very upsetting because he hasnt done so since i got him. i got...
  10. missivy

    HELP! My Quaker Hates when I do My Makeup!

    Hello. So here is the situation. We have had our blue quaker parrot Indy for almost 2 years now. He was about 6 months old when we bought him from a local pet store. (knowing what we know now about bird sactuaries and the rehoming rate of parrots, we will adopt any future birds, but thats a...
  11. L

    Is this a sign of agression?

    Hii, so I have a 3 yo BFA, bonded to me since I got her as a babe. She is quite mild for an Amazon, not too aggressive or even loud. Spends a lot of her time playing upside down, hanging, or swinging in her cage and outside. However, lately, when I ask her to step up when she is on top of her...
  12. M

    Conure keeps climbing me ?!

    My 13 week old pineapple conure has been acting very weird with me lately. He will climb up my arm to my shoulder, bite my ear and play with my hair but when I try to pet him he lets out these tiny screams and bites me. Hard. He didn’t do this when I first got him and we would cuddle and he...
  13. T

    GCC suddenly attacked.

    Hi all, I have a green cheek conure who I've had for 5.5 years now. We've had a couple of ups and downs but on the whole, he's my companion and I'd do anything for him. The issue I have is with my fiancé and my GCC. My GCC is infatuated with him and will constantly fly to him. Yesterday my GCC...