Need help whit eyes of conure


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May 14, 2022
I have 2 Green cheeked conures pineapple and suncheek mutations.
Hi I’m new in this forum I got a GCC Conure suncheek of 2 month she is happy playing a lot and I think she scratched one of her eyes because she don’t control yet like an adult even her walk sometime when she want to play she walk like a drunk person. Anyway the problem is that my other Conure got in the room where I was doing a quarantine and he started fight whit her and then cleaning her feather so I don’t know if the quarantine is still needed… when they got close to each other I noticed that her eyes was not same as him her eyelids in 2 eyes is bigger and more pink I’m so scared if it’s something bad that he is going to catch the breeder told me that it was 100% guaranteed no desease when I bought her and now I’m scared but I think maybe I’m paranoid because I read a lot bad things about desease in internet and I start see desease everywhere,
When I bought her I noticed her feet and nails were more red than my Conure maybe it’s linked


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Oct 28, 2017
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Go to a qualified avian vet, preferably a board-certified one if available in your area. This is not a forum for medical diagnosis and no online assessment can replace in-person care.

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