New to our flock, could she be holding?


Feb 4, 2023
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We took in a super sweet 5 year old female amazon about 3 weeks ago. Mazi eats from our hands, climbs out of her cage, and asks for scratches. She will not step up or come off of her cage. I know 3 weeks isn't long and I shouldn't be expecting more. I don't think her diet was ideal, the previous owner said she ate whatever they were eating. Mazi has a pretty large bulge in her butt region. If she is holding (5 years could be too young?), could that be the reason she won't leave her cage? I really don't like our Avian vet and neither do our birds. I only take them if i have no other choose. Also don't want to towel catch her or stress her out unnecessarily.


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Aug 19, 2023
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You should take her to an avian vet to get it checked out sooner than later to avoid a possible disaster situation because you never know. I would also contact whomever you adopted her from to ask if she has laid eggs before, or if she had this bulge previously. Amazons become sexually mature at 4-6yrs. old, so 5 is not too young to lay an egg. An egg, a prolapse, or a tumor needs to be investigated by a vet. If you have a different avian vet you can go to, then by all means try to do that if you don't care for the one you have. If you don't have a choice of a different one, then bite the bullet & go!

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