1. A

    Need General Help I Cant Find Anywhere Else

    4 days ago, I adopted a baby/very young Green Cheek. The breeder gave me some formula, taught me how to feed and practically sent me on my way. As of now my messages are no longer being responded to and I can't find info anywhere. I'm not aware of its age, but it is almost completely fully...
  2. kenny

    My parrot is weird or is it..?

    Hello guys I’ve asked before about my parrot on how aggressive he is and its not changing i might judging too fast cause its been like 4 months since i bought him and i wanna mention that i bought him from an owner not as a baby parrot he was 8-9 months at that time but anyways.. any tips? cause...
  3. E

    Arts and Crafts

    I know conures are very respiratory sensitive. But how sensitive? There’s this craft trend that involves papier-mâché. Can I use elmers glue around conures? Or even mod podge? Obviously wouldn’t be up close and personal but still same room?
  4. Hatzegopteryx4578

    Tips on how to find my budgie a better home?

    I’ve made my choice and I’m planning to re-home my budgie so he’d be in a better situation. The only problem is that I don’t know how to find somebody to personally meet up with who can have them as his forever home. I don’t want him to be hoarded, used for breeding purposes or constantly...
  5. A

    Questions on Toxic fumes for the parrot

    Hi, I don’t have a parrot yet but am trying to make sure I know everything on how to raise one. The one problem that has scared me the most is poisoning. I heard you cannot use nonstick materials or bleach or ammonia. Does this mean that they can’t be used in a certain proximity to the parrot or...
  6. A

    Looking for General tips on raising a parrot (more specifically an Amazon parrot)

    Hi, I am a student, and my mom told me before I could get a parrot, I need to know how to raise one perfectly before she can consider it. I am looking to find out the general needs of a parrot. I recently got interested in owning a parrot and know they require a lot of work, but I find them so...
  7. C

    Regurgitating caique

    Hello everyone, I recently adopted a pair of bonded caiques (a little over a week ago). They have not been encouraged to do any mating behaviors in the past and I don’t want babies, so I have been working to ensure that I don’t do anything that could impact that (only head scratches, 12 hours of...
  8. I

    am i missing anything?

    in a few years i hope to adopt an eclectus parrot as my first bird, ive been feeding my other pets fresh food everyday for 5+ years so that is fine with me, i feed them better than myself, i plan on buying an absolute MONSTER of a cage that is (from memory) 6-8f long with lots of natural wood...
  9. S

    First time bird owner looking for safety help and tips

    Hi! I've grown up many with birds when I lived with my family and love them to bits, however, my experience is mostly with aviary birds, although they would let us handle them and were friendly. I've now recently purchased a cockatiel (although I haven't picked it up yet as it's a bit far, I...
  10. S

    New military Macaw being noises any tips

    So we just got our beautiful military macaw charlie, yesterday. Charlie’s our first parrot, we’ve had smaller birds such as budgies and finches for some background Charlie was fine last night but today hasn’t stopped screaming and won’t eat. We’ve had him out of his cage and he was okay once...
  11. MissAnnamarie

    Nervous to bring home new baby! Tips?

    Was planning on getting a male Eclectus last year around December, it ended up being a scam and we lost 900$.. I should have been more attentive. Finally decided to get one once again, from a REPUTABLE breeder, they've been wonderful! He's really young right now and will be ready around...
  12. MarcnLennie

    Hi from Lennie and myself Marc

    Hi and thanks for letting us join. I recently took over the care of an :grey: Congo African Grey parrot he is six years old. So far having no expertise I’ve recently gotten two bites on my finger which I’m putting down to my inexperience and the fact Lennie is in a new environment and has a...
  13. S

    Tips for getting a Meyers

    I can't figure out how to delete this please just ignore me
  14. L

    Ringneck training tips

    Hello! It's been a short while since I've been on here. So I am hopefully getting my first hand reared baby ringneck next year. I have been constantly researching about everything to do with ringnecks! I met one in person the other day in a pet shop near where I live. I got really close to the...
  15. M

    Suggestions please!

    Hi everyone :green: this is my first time posting on here but I needn’t some suggestions... after doing what seemed like endless research I decided it was time I got myself a little 3 month old green cheek conure that I named Waddles! I’ve had him for about month now(first vet visit went great...
  16. S

    Adoption Dealbreaker

    Hi all! I've had my heart set on owning a bird, a green cheek conure, for the longest time. I have such a love for the pure (albeit destructive) adorable things! Now im finally old enough, responsible enough, and have enough money to do so! Only issue is I live with my mother while going to...
  17. F

    Introducing our flock of 3 parrots <3

    Hello!!! We've been long-time lurkers of this forum. Without it, we wouldn't be the parrot parents (what a tongue twister) that we are today! African grey Bella, Meyers parrot Lemon, and Happy the green cheek conure are our pride and joy. It would mean a lot to us if you could visit and...
  18. D

    Sick cockatiel

    Hiya, new member here! My cockatiel, Pan seems to be a little sick (I think a respiratory infection of a sort (maybe)). He's just as active and eats as normal but I did catch him breathing heavily for a little while. I've booked an appointment with an avian vet but the earliest I could book is...
  19. M

    Rescued macaw training tips

    Hey all, in about a month or so I'm adopting a rescued Green Winged Macaw that I've been visiting for over a year and a half now and looking for any tips on training or just overall wellness. Before the rescue, he was hoarded for years and and has taken a toll on his health. He plucked nearly...
  20. D

    Travelling with GCC by train

    I'm travelling home for a few days with my GCC on the train. Just wondering if there are any dangerous fumes on a train I should be wary of? I don't think there are but I wanted to make sure :) he has a travel cage, food and water and toys as well as a cage that we'll assemble once we arrive up...