1. F

    Male or female budgie

    I have this lovely budgies, but i need to know his/her gender/sex, secondary question what is his/her age :-
  2. F

    Need to verify the gender of my bird, i were told that he is a young male

    I got this new budgie bird, and i were told that he is a young male:- Thanks so any advice on his gender please?
  3. idk.avery

    Currently having an identity crisis. Boy or girl? (Age 3. First few pics most recent.)

    I’ve always been told boy and our vet never questioned it or the not bright blue cere, but I’ve always kind of wondered… boy or girl? No eggs have ever been laid and he usually has some blue in his cere.
  4. J

    Hi 👋 Umbrella's Gender

    Hi everyone! We have a lovely umbrella cockatoo who we've had since she was a baby. She's currently nearly 11 years old. Just wondered if anyone can help me with weather she is actually a she or not 😂 I know there's no way to be certain without a DNA test but I'd like to see what you think...
  5. K

    What gender is my cockatiel?

    Hey! My cockatiel Kiko is 5 months old, we've been guessing that she's a female since she is rather quiet, but recently she's been making more noises, which I posted in my media & wanted to ask you guys, if you guys can identify her gender by the noise she's making or if its still too early to...
  6. R

    Help in sexing budgie

    Hello friends. We recently (2 weeks ago) brought two new budgies home. They are both around 5-6 months old. One is definitely a male with a strong blue cere. The other however, named Pickles, is causing us to scratch our heads a little. We originally thought he was male as the cere is pale...
  7. L

    Do I have two same-sexed birds?

    Hello, I have two Fischer lovebirds (a violet and an olive) that I keep in each other’s company here and there. They both get along really well and rub their heads up against each other for preening, kisses and all that. But they also do what I assume to be regurgitation attempt, not necessarily...
  8. Male Or Female?

    Male Or Female?

    This is the 2nd parakeet i bought to be specific this is lady. I dont know the gender and i would like to know
  9. Male Or Female?

    Male Or Female?

    I bought 2 parakeets on the 28th of december and cant tell the gender. Posting the 2nd parakeet next. Their names are paris and lady. Thought they both was girls but now im confused.
  10. A

    Help determining young budgie gender

    I know it’s hard/impossible to know for sure the gender of babies, but if anyone has any input I would appreciate it! I wanted to get a male since I already have a male budgie who seems lonely, but wherever I went they only had very young ones. This one seemed very calm and sweet and had a...
  11. R

    Males vs Female Cockatiels: Any help etc. welcome!

    Hey everyone! I'm bringing home a cockatiel in the the next few months and the breeder is DNA-sexing the babies. How do cockatiels differ in personality and hormones in terms of gender? I know all birds have different personalities but I'd love to know what the common themes are when it comes...
  12. HowdyDoDee

    Recessive pied photos please!

    Hey all, The general consensus is that my young keet is female because of her cere and peri orbital nare coloring (white). I gather that she’s recessive pied and therefore does not follow the general rules when determining gender. Do any of you have photos of your im/mature recessive pied...
  13. T

    Budgie boy or girl?

    Hi all, My girlfriend has a budgie and it's supposed to be a boy but she spoke to a lady who works in a pet shop and she told her that it's a girl. If it's a girl, shouldn't it be laying eggs like any female bird? We are a bit confused and would appreciate some help Thanks, here's a picture...
  14. Jingles.Opie

    Sun Conure Gender

    I've been reading the differences between male and female Sun Conures and would like to try and guess your DNA sexed Sun Conures. The pictures must be very clear, the bird should be standing regularly, and include the whole body. I've attached a picture as reference.
  15. N

    Parakeet gender

    I am new pet owner. This is my first pair of parakeet. They both are with me for 2weeks now. Second one is more friendly then the first one. But I can't tell if they are male or female by their cere. Can any of you help me please?
  16. S

    Does anyone know the gender of this bird?

    He is 1 year old and some people have told me he is male, while others say female so I’m not sure anymore. Thanks for your help :whiteblue:
  17. A

    Gender Test Results Came Back

    Alright guys. I recently had a vet visit about two weeks ago for all the fids. I decided to get a gender test for Warbeak since the pet store didn’t actually know if he was really a boy. Well, I finally got the call today. Turns out Warbeak can’t be saying “good boy” any more. He is actually a...
  18. G

    crimson rosella gender

    Hello :23: Does anybody knows gender (sex) of this crimson rosella? It is around 5. Thanks!
  19. Lynx

    Color changing nose??

    My parakeet Loki, that I've had for two years, seems to not want to stick to one color. When I got him his nose was turning blue, then it looked kinda purple, then almost brown, then turned blue again. It's been blue for about a year, got him a friend a few months back and now Loki's nose is...
  20. eyalovespico

    help me figure out my birds gender???

    pretty sure shes a girl but she does have blue so idk help plssss :blue2: :whiteblue: