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Aug 8, 2013
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Lola comes into work daily and usually wants to join in when ever somebody is eating. There were people who kept bags of nuts (everyone knows parrots like nuts) in their draw for these moments but we have had a big turn around and i don't want this to go back as too many aren't good. Instead i want to bring in a little snack box and people can feed from that. I'd like some help/suggestions on how to divide this as well (i've never known how much nuts/fruit/raisins etc. is too much)

or if any one has any recipes for like oat bars and serving suggestions i could for example bring in a 50g bar and they break bits off (50g is a guess i dont want to be over treating)

for the record she still has her kaytee food at night but for some reason she just wont eat this at work (one beak swipe straight to the floor)


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Jul 10, 2015
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Each species has basics that should be part of that Parrots general meal to provide a healthy well-rounded diet. Within the Amazon Forum is a Sticky Thread at the top that is Titled: I Love Amazons - ... Within that Huge Thread is a segment that targets diet. It will provide you a good feel for what percentages you should target. Mac's handle a higher level of protein than Amazon so keep that in mind as you put together a lunch package.

Our Amazon travels extensively and when we put together a travel meal for him, we target removing those items that he more commonly avoids or gifts to the floor or across the room. This meal is commonly dry items (which can include freeze dried Veggies) as fresh veggies tend not to travel well without a cooler.

Birdy Bread (muffins, bars, rolls) is normally a great travel food item. Just remember that something like ziplock packaging is required.

Have fun with this, but remember that clean-up is a part of the process, so include those items also.
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