Possible injured foot?


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Dec 25, 2021
Green cheek conure
Hi all,
I’m new to this forum and am really hoping to hear peoples experience who had something similar happen to their bird baby. My green cheek conure, Chip, seems to be favoring one foot, just noticed this morning he was fine last night. He is holding his right foot up a lot and doesn’t hold it up in a tight grip like he usually does when he is sleeping, he also doesn’t grip his right foot tightly when perched my finger like he does with his left. He seems to be climbing around and using his right foot fine to scratch himself. I just took him to an avian vet yesterday for a check up and some chest feather plucking ( he has a sinus infection and deficient in Vit A even though he is on roudybush pellet only diet ) the vet visit and tests cost me $500 and was a 40min trip to see the Avian vet. I’m hoping we could avoid another vet visit so soon. Thank you in advance and Merry Christmas!!!


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Sep 16, 2021
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Merry Christmas and Big wing hugs welcoming to you and Chip 🐦

You have done good observations.
I agree that it is wise to do close observation and give good first aid or even better, good preventative measures.

Vet visit is only necessary when there is the need. (However, when it is necessary, earlier care can minimize the impact of the illness.) Otherwise frequent unnecessary vet visit put unnecessary stress on our baby birds.

To benefit from a good balance of vet visit Vs home remedies will require detail observations as much as knowledge on the stages of development of the illness, first aids and home remedies for birds.

Quick question to get more details so that our experienced member can better assist.

1) close up photo of Chip's foot and a photo of the way he stand, can you touch his feet? An experienced vet should at least touch his leg and feet. What about x-ray of his feet? What did your vet do?

2) photo of his perches

3)names of his meds that he is currently taking, some may already be the same medicine for sprained leg.

Is he having any mucus running down his cheek? Any cough? Swollen eye can be seen if toomuch pressure build up inside.

4) his food, his weight, his poop, his behaviour, amount he eat....etc.
We need to know the normal amount to compare to the current amount....so that we know the progress he made.

5)any other things you can think of....

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Hope this helps
Dec 9, 2021
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Emeral is definitely right. I would try to observe his leg, see if there's any swelling, and (Building off of Emeral) comparison pictures of his right foot and his left. Check your perches. He could have a splinter.


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Dec 25, 2021
Green cheek conure
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I think he may have just hurt his foot a little, he is doing all better today, he is no longer lifting his foot and is gripping my finger fine when stepping up =)

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