1. Z

    Caique Treat Recommendations?

    Hello everyone! Trying to advance in trick training with my 1 year old WBC, but can't seem to find the right treat for the motivation! He's come pretty far, even though he gets distracted and forgets about his reward in the middle of eating it :LOL: Have seen some impressive tricks from...
  2. C

    Regurgitating caique

    Hello everyone, I recently adopted a pair of bonded caiques (a little over a week ago). They have not been encouraged to do any mating behaviors in the past and I don’t want babies, so I have been working to ensure that I don’t do anything that could impact that (only head scratches, 12 hours of...
  3. Z

    Caique - Growth Timeline?

    Hi everyone! I have an 8-month old male WBC, who i adore! Lately friends and family have told me he's grown a lot, I just figured he must be filling out nicely! I honestly thought he must have stopped growing by now, but I tried to do some research on what happens between 3/4 months - puberty...
  4. Z

    Caique diet/eating habits?

    Hi everyone, I have a 4/5 month old white bellied caique (i was under the impression that he was a bit older when i got him about a month ago). I ran out of nuts two days ago, which I usually incorporate with training, and now he has been eating a lot more vegetables, I feel like a bit too...
  5. E

    Can you tame a 10m old parent reared Caique?

    Hello, I'm currently interested in getting a caique of my own. I have the experience of taming my sisters 6 month old caique who was parent reared but was handled every day as a baby in the nest. Taming him was quite easy for me and I'm a pretty patient person. I have found an advert for a 10...
  6. L

    Bird Health & Anxiety

    So my caique is a few months old, and he has been sneezing a little. Mostly in my room. The humidity was 30 and temp about 70, a few times dropped slightly. I spoke to one of the avian vets already that I have always taken my parrots to, and he said it sounded environmental and said time would...
  7. Y

    2nd Caique for Existing Caique

    So I have a 5 year old male White Bellied Caique and I was wondering if it is -okay to find him a partner/play buddy this late into the game. I heard that you typically wanna introduce a second caique 0-12 months in but this is already 5 years in. May I have some insight on this...
  8. D

    Bites when training

    I have a couple of issues I'd appreciate some help with. I've restarted training of Sammie, my 13 1/2 year old white bellied. She's been with me since she was 4 months. I'm experiencing the same issue I had when I initially started target training. I get her to touch a stick or bell and...
  9. B

    Female baby caique (can she be raised alone?)

    Hi! I recently got a baby caique of 5 months old. She is lovely, and we do many things together. From bike rides with her lash, to playing during the weekend with anything we find. She has flew away around 7 times and has always come back when I call her. We get allow really well. I live in...
  10. mojo_the_caique

    Caique obsessed with hands, uses them as chewing toy

    Hello all Caique owners, I'm in need of advice on my female White bellied Caique Mojo. As the title implies, she is obsessed with hands, and when in play mode she will chew on them in an unpleasant way. It is not biting or agression, she literally starts chewing but with great force. In short...
  11. Gemster

    Nippy caique

    My 5 month young caique (Gemma) has started to nip. When she is on my hand or held on her back she starts to bite, not in the sense of telling me she is uncomfortable but of something to do. I try ignore it but she is starting to put more and more pressure to the point of blood. Could it be...
  12. Ezekiell

    Best sized perch?

    I'm finishing up my preparations to bring Maui (WBC) home but I'm getting stuck on deciding on appropriately sized perches. I have a good roosting perch (2.5 cm diameter), some sisal rope perches, a manu mineral perch, and a flat corner shelf. Unfortunately I am having a hard time finding a...
  13. S


    So I have been doing some serious research about what bird I want to get. After quite a while, I finally decided that I'm getting a caique! I found a local aviary that sells them for 250 each (a bargain I know). I have done lots of research and know quite a bit about them, but I wanted to make...
  14. J

    A question about introducing a Caique into the family

    Hi guys, recently I’ve been interested in extending the family and introducing a Caique. My partner and I already own two Indian Ringnecks who are brothers and are about a year old. I’ve read multiple things about Caiques becoming aggressive to other species when they mature but most of these...
  15. C

    1YO Black Headed Caique

    Hi all, It’s been a little while since I was last on. I am needing to find a home for Charlie my Black Headed Caique. My partner is suffering from the dander and I wish to keep happiness at home so I have decided to sell him. I am asking a pretty low $1,200 for everything, including his cage...
  16. M

    First Parrot

    Hi everyone, NOTE: If you vote in the poll, please explain your vote! (Message or comment is fine) So for about a year now, I've been stricken with a love for parrots. It started with Cockatiels, and has, more recently, spread to Conures, Caiques and Indian Ringnecks. But before I get to the...
  17. L

    Single 17yr Old Caique Laying Eggs for the First Time

    Sorry... I know I was supposed to do an introduction type message, but I'm rather worried for Kiki (key key) a 17 yr old caique who was still a baby...a fully feathered and weaned baby when she came to me as a very special gift. Kiki has just recently (this week) laid three eggs. No changes at...
  18. C

    Charlie’s home made toys

    Hello all :orange: I thought I would post some of the things I have made for Charlie my caique. Charlie’s Happy Hut - He likes it so much that he will actually carry his daily fruit bit by bit into the hut to eat. Charlie’s Rough & Tumble Zone - He will hop and roll on his back with his...
  19. The Unorthodox Relationship

    The Unorthodox Relationship

  20. C

    The Cuteness Is Deadly

    Too Cute! Charlie the Caique Parrot - Playing with Tissues - YouTube It's amazing how a tissue can be more fun than all his toys combined. He was so absorbed in the tissue that he fell off my lap. Lucky i caught him.