Seeking Advice - Female Indian Ringneck (Male Alexandrine Questions)


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Nov 21, 2022
Indian Ringneck
I currently have a female Indian ringneck who I’ve been working with for five years. She chose my dad as her mate, but she knows I’m her caregiver. I have not lived with my parents in a while, and I’ve been living with my partner for a while. I have done so much research and gone through phases of trying to train my female IRN in different ways to see what can work for her. I make sure that she has the proper diet, the proper amount of quality sleep, the proper amount of sunlight, I do not give her anything to nest in, and I eventually had her avian vet give her a shot in an attempt to calm her hormones as a last resort, etc. etc. ~ ~
Unfortunately, she’s still very territorial to the point where she will lunge over and over again to try to get to my partner and me. When she bites during her territorial times, she continues to latch down harder and harder to work on the same spot, so she can do as much damage as she can. She screams so much, no matter her phases. She often wants to cuddle and kiss, but she suddenly snaps at me and draws blood on my face very often. Throughout the day, she shows me how angry she is with me, but then she’ll want to cuddle (cuddle as in she’ll scratch her face while I talk to her softly or kiss her beak), and then she’ll snap by biting me.
I would greatly appreciate it if any of you could let me know if this is a normal experience with ringnecks or not. I have been wanting to get a male alexandrine, but I’m unsure because I have tried everything with my female IRN for quite a few years now. I am concerned about the male alexandrine naturally having the same sudden and extreme constant mood swings that my female IRN has always had, and I’m concerned about him learning from her to be moody in general. I would greatly appreciate any considerate and honest advice. Are Indian ringnecks and alexandrines usually this temperamental? Should I not get any more parrots because I cannot help the parrot that I have to truly be happy, no matter what I do? I love parrots and animals in general so much, so I feel sad.


Oct 13, 2022
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First, I want to compliment you because you seem a good , responsible owner.

Although being in the reproduction season (hormones, hormones everywhere) may increase some aggressive behaviors in birds, this is not the only reason: birds need to be taught (training) in order to learn allowed behaviors.
Training does not only mean to teach funny tricks, it is also used to teach birds how to properly socialize with humans and other pets. As owners, we learn to understand bird behavior (species demeanor , environmental management, appropiate petting) and being observant to read the body language of our birds. Socializing a bird requires time and patience, but it's totally worth it.

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