SuperPaint with Air Purifying Technology And parrots?


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Jun 25, 2019
Seattle WA
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Long time no see, all! It’s almost spring here, which means the sun has come out at least a couple times this month, so of course I want to make some changes around the house.

Mainly what I want to do is some painting, but I’m trying to figure out how much time the parrots will need to be out of the house if I were to paint in their room and the adjacent one. I’ve painted the other floors of my house before and just kept them in their room with a window cracked and the windows open on the floor I was painting - but obviously if I am in their room, they gotta be somewhere else!

I am planning on using one of Sherwin William’s zero VOC paints, but am considering their relatively new Superpaint line that supposedly reduces VOCs. Anyone have any experience with that one?

In general, how long do you keep your bird out of a room when you’re painting it? I’ll likely be boarding them, but the boarding situation is a bit complicated as their de facto boarding facility had a fire late last year and they’re in a temporary facility until they can finish repairs. They can still do boarding, but they have limited space, so I would like to keep it short, sweet, and on a schedule.

Thanks all! Hope you’ve been well.

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