Which bird should I get, kakariki or red-rumped parakeet


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Apr 25, 2020
Hi! I'm a sort of new bird owner who has decided to get another bird. Right now, I live with my family and we have a quaker parrot named Sasha! Things went so well with Sasha, that my parents are letting me get another bird, and I can't decide out of a kakariki or a red rumped parrot. We live near a very reputable breeder of both birds so that's not a problem, but i would greatly appreciate for you to help me with the pro's and con's of these birds. I've done much research on both species, but there isn't a good, bad and ugly on either species from owners with real experience who tell me the downsides instead of just the upsides.

I also specifically decided on those two birds as they are relatively quiet, so if I move into an apartment I won't annoy the neighbours.


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Jul 10, 2015
Western, Michigan
DYH Amazon
Get the one that wants you! The one that does run when you stop by. The one that steps-up and stays. The one that is interested in you!

Building trust of a Parrot is very important and if the Parrot has already chosen you, that's a win - win moment.

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