bird advice

  1. S

    Struggling to find my lost budgie :(

    It's been 3 days since my budgie flew away from my home. He initially was in a tree nearby but later on disappeared. I've been putting up missing posters, placing his cage outside, reporting a missing bird to the local vets and communities, going around the area calling his name, playing bird...
  2. TeekoGreenCheek

    Teeko says hello everyone.

    Since Teeko and i have joined this site our friendship has grown way stronger. you are all such amazing people. thank you everyone for your help, all the things i have learned is all thanks to you. Sincerely Teeko and Dakota.
  3. E


    Hi everyone. My room had some kind of annoying bug and I used bug spray to get rid of it and i forgot to take my bird out( its called big alexander or smth). I sprayed like 10 or 11 seconds and then opened the window. How harmful it is and can it get some kind od disease or die? I mention that...
  4. B

    Pls Help. Have these babies been neglected?

    Hi all, I would really like some answers to these questions. I am VERY concerned. I decided to buy cockatiels off of Craigslist. And the images that were shown and the descriptions of the birds made it seem like the person was taking care of them correctly. It seemed like he had very good...
  5. JoyousChaos

    Is it normal for new birds to not eat?

    Hello all! I’m a first time bird owner and a very nervous one at that. I’m a young person and my dad (after years of begging) agreed to let me get a bird. And for the record, I’ve done my research and this was not an impulse purchase. Okay with that out of the way, so on December 20th...
  6. ChloeBallerina

    My budgie bites and doesn’t seem to want to be with me

    I have had my budgie for like 3 - 4 months and i worked with him to be comfortable with me and my hand. He was stepping up and accepting millet from my hand. I wanted to start target training him and teaching him tricks. But in the past 2 weeks he has gone backwards and has started biting my...
  7. Alig8torByte

    What birds will live happily with Green cheek Conures?

    I’m about to move away from my old home and my parents, With this new move he will have far less time out of the cage. I’m worried that all the time caged will bore him and I want to buy him a companion to keep him happy, he has been with two other birds before, both cockatiels and both he...
  8. A

    New bird owner?

    Hi, my names katy and I’ve been thinking about getting a bird but I need some help on which one to get? I’ve already done a couple years of research and am well aware that birds aren’t as what is seen online though they do have their moments. I know they bite and get hormonal and that you need...
  9. M

    Eastern Rosella's Sounds

    Hey, dear forum! This is my first post, reaching out to you guys seeking some help! So around 2 weeks ago my friend rescued an Eastern Rosella. Bird didn't bathe for nobody knows how long, it barely moved because the claws were too long, etc, etc. Now, almost 3 weeks later, the bird was taken to...
  10. S

    Green Cheek 'Sweet Baby'

    Hello all, I'm new to this forum. The reason I joined was because my significant other has a Green Cheek Conure that I love to pieces, even though it wants to bite me all the time. Of course being bonded to one person is what it is all about and I'm not that person which is sad in itself but...
  11. C

    I need help with my birds!!

    Hi everyone! I'm new here and I really need some advice and help! I have two birds a budgies (boo) who's about 4 and a lovebird (peachy) who is just turning 2. During this quarantine they have been spoiled so much, they got a new cage, toys and they come out of the cage so much. But lately I...
  12. K

    Keeping a Sun Conure Outside Year-Round

    Hi all! So, I’ve been thinking of getting a sun conure, which has to stay outside year-round. During the warmer months, this is no problem because I have a nice shaded spot for the hot days. I also will be free flight training outside in a netted area to begin with. My family and I spend a lot...
  13. IrisOwl

    Any Advice for a First Time Cockatiel and Bird Owner?

    I bought my first ever bird and they are a baby cockatiel and won't be able to get them home until January. I am looking for any advice or what I should do before bringing it home. :grey::yellow2:
  14. V

    Sick conure???

    So my bird Valentine has been this way for a while now, he hasnt really gotten better but he also hasnt gotten worse. He came to me all scraggly and had a lot of stress bars in his feathers but since May (purchase date) he has moulted and his feathers have gotten a lot less black and a lot...
  15. Midnightstarian

    Clicker training question

    So i'm confused someone on Facebook claimed i shouldn't show my bird the clicker and the sound (first) then continue give him the treat. And that quote i should: By using the clicker before the action and then switching later to indicating that he did it will confuse him. I don't really trust...
  16. M

    Work and bird?

    I am looking into getting a bird, I've done an unimaginable amount of research, I have always wanted a bigger bird since I was young, my top ones are Conures, African Grey, and Cockatoo but deciding factor, I work a 9-5 job at a vet 5 days a week with weekends being completely free. Is that too...
  17. P

    Can a cockatiel and a GCC get along?

    I have a cockatiel and I'm interested in getting a Green Cheek Conure and having them share a cage together, possibly for companionship. The cage is a ferret cage with all the ramps taken out and large enough for him to fly around in.
  18. S

    My Sun conure is scared of me

    Hello Everyone, I was hoping someone can give me some words of encouragement. I recently bought a Sun Conure from a breeder who claimed he hand fed and tamed the birds. I should have realized he was lying the birds kept biting him. -___- but on the bright side, I was able to save my bird from...
  19. C

    Help! My parrot is crying!??

    I need advice! I have a six month old indian ringneck who is a male,we also have a female who is a 2-3 months older and the more dominant of the two. After sitting inside for a few hours tonight with me, our little boy started making a soft but high pitched crying noises. Continuously. And...
  20. S

    Bird Advice

    Hi I was going through andriod market looking for parrot stuff and come across this app so i brought it what a great app has lots of info and it has a link to a website. The App is called Bird Advice Here is the link I think it is on iphone market too...