1. P

    Please Help with Feeding Behaviour

    Hi, I've had my baby african grey since she was only a few months old and is now 7 years old... she's been fed primarily on Kaytee Exact Rainbow pellets as this is what the breeder told me was best and she was raised on. She gets fresh fruit/vegetables... not often enough, but semi-frequently...
  2. S

    Need advice on what to do

    Hello, I need advice on what to do. My 4months old CAG normally perches on the container side and goes to sleep on it. Three days ago at 9pm I perch him on the container side and brought him to my bedroom where he normally sleeps. A few minutes after I closed the door, I heard a loud sound and...
  3. S

    Hello to all and question about a CAG.

    My name is Sam and I am preparing to welcome home a baby CAG in approx 3.5 months. I want to make sure that I am the best companion this bird will ever have. I am making sure everything is safe here, removing toxins, reading everything and will spend 3 months after the birds birth to help be a...
  4. B

    Hello! :)

    Hi! I'm new to this forum and just thought I should introduce myself! Among the other animals in the household, my little zoo contains one male CAG, Loki, and one male U2, Nemo. Loki is 4 years this Saturday and Nemo is 7 years old. I've had Loki his whole life. He enjoys bossing everyone...
  5. M

    Developments with my CAG

    Hello Again, Since my last post, I have been working hard with Zelda (my CAG) to build up trust between us and also to build up her confidence. For the most part, I think it's going well. I have had her for approximately 11 weeks now. I have been working with her every day, with target...
  6. D

    Need a little guidance.. Please

    Hello, my wife and I are relatively new bird parents. We adopted a Severe Macaw about a year ago and he has been doing very well. We have just added a new baby to our flock, an Congo African Grey we call Chilee. We acquired him from a local breeder who has loads of excellent reviews, fives...
  7. texsize

    Bella update

    Bella 7-18-18 by wes mcfaden, on Flickr Bella is doing very well. She will have been our flock 3 years this coming December. As you can see from the photo her feathers are growing in (again) and she is still learning new things to say all the time. Bella has been spending a lot more time with...
  8. Doctress

    Adopting the Blue- MO

    Wanted to share my experience adopting Smoky Blue, my first rescue birdy. After Georgie, the Severely spoiled chestnut-fronted macaw passed after an acute illness, I felt such a void. She was my girl for 20+ years! I was also concerned about Taco the Amazon; we had gotten Georgie from a pet...
  9. Doctress

    Adding macaw to the flock (eventually)

    As you may know, I just adopted a 3 yr old rescue CAG and have a 25 yr old Amazon. As the CAG and I start training, I've been thinking ahead to plan for a 3rd bird in the next few years. I have space for an aviary outside and a large cage in the "bird room" in the center of the house. I love our...
  10. Doctress

    New CAG bird mom~

    Hi everyone, just an introduction. I've got a small flock with plans to expand. My bird companions are a Lilac-Crowned Amazon, been with me for 25 years (pet store). Our female Severe macaw just passed away (she had been my bonded buddy, with me for for 20+ years), so I adopted a 3 yr old DNA...
  11. M

    New male CAG of 18 months

    Dear All, I just got yesterday a new male, CAG of 18 months, and its like rehoming. It talks (as told by previous owner) few words, though but bites when I bring the finger near. Since yesterday, it was moving in the cage, but not eating, however, when I bring the sun flower seeds or peanuts it...
  12. Nicole07

    New CAG Owner - Tips and Help Please

    Hello all! I'm not new to birds in general as I've had a pineapple GCC and currently have a sun conure. I rehomed a CAG in May. I was contacted by the owners because they'd heard through the grapevine that I had other birds and did well with them. I didn't want another project to be honest, and...
  13. Bowden

    Hormonal 10 yr old CAG?

    Hello! This is my first post other than the 1st "hello" post, so bear with me - I have not yet learned the lingo here. �� Anywho on to the issue- I just recently within the last few weeks traded a mini colt for a ACG, because the family has a young son is is very sick with a left...
  14. L

    Some basic questions

    Hello, I am new to the forum and have my first bird. Louise was fledged?/hatched in April 2015 and I got her in July. I got her from a rescue kinda on impulse. I had planned on getting a toucanette and had been researching for about a year thinking it would be a good fit for my lifestyle. I had...
  15. I

    New CAG Chicks

    i have bought two :grey: chicks a week back will update with the pics of them later on one of them is 29 days old now as far as the breeder says and second one is around 35-40 days old
  16. LadiDy

    Looking forward to meeting You!

    Hi, New to the forums. Hope to find a community full of avian loving humans who are as colorful as our birds :-) . I'm the fortunate guardian of : Princess Storm, a 25yo fe Military Macaw, Alex The Bird, a 24 yo m CAG, and Ummbella, a 2 yo fe Electus, all who are adopted, happy,and healthy...
  17. D

    Need advice / help on my CAG bald patch

    Hi fellow parrot lovers, I'm new to this site and has sign up for a account to ask all experts out there with my new parrot, Oscar. I have 3 years of parrot experience, mainly dealing with lovebirds, sun concure, black-capped conure, monk parrot , and white bellied caique. None of the...
  18. R

    New to forum, from Kentucky

    Hi all, I have a CAG that I adopted about 2 years ago. He is five years old now and such a character! He learns new things all of the time, and he has a great vocabulary/sound repertoire. Thanks for letting me talk with you all! Rachael
  19. S

    Adopted CAG deteriorating attitude

    Hello Everyone, I have a 13 year old CAG that I adopted 6 months ago. I spent almost 3 weeks of regular visits at the adoption center getting to know him (guessing on gender) before we decided to pull the trigger. Things went OK, some days he would seem really happy to see me and other days I...
  20. K

    Any ideas on treats?

    I'm finding it difficult to train my cag well not the training part but the rewarding. she will happily sit and eat on my hand or off my plate however if I give her a treat for doing something ie stepping up she just drops it. The only thing she will accept at this time is a bit of apple but it...