1. H

    Should I Switch Their Cages?!

    I have a 1 1/2 yr old green cheek conure that I've had for about nine months now, and she is currently housed in a 22"x24"x35" Prevue Hendrix cage. She has been in this cage since I've owned her, and she seems to like it (though she doesn't seem to make use of all that space!). She is a pretty...
  2. B

    HELP: Mounting nesting box for budgie cage

    Hello all, I am having trouble mounting my nesting box to the cage. I bought a nesting box from PetSmart: All Living Things™ Parakeet Nesting Box - Nesting - Bird - PetSmart The problem is, there are no hooks with which to mount it. Also, the perch is on the inside of the box. I was told...
  3. A

    Need help!!!!

    Hi guys im new to this fourm first time posting so i wanted to know if you guys can help me pick a parrot keep in mind im 16 year old boy who has alot of time in his hands to take of a parrot also the type of parrot im looking is a talkive one and it can learn tricks and is uder 100 bucks i cant...
  4. AngelaB

    Shopping for a cage for my new GCC

    Can anyone recommend a good and reasonably priced cage? I'm currently thinking of getting this one: Lahaina Lanai™ Playtop It's a big decision and I'd love any advice from experienced owners. I'm getting my new 3 mo. old GCC in 9 days! :) -Angela
  5. Sillydj101

    GCC not wanting to go in cage?

    My Green cheek conure Turbo HATES it when I try to put him back in his cage and will have a deathgrip on my finger and start biting me! how can I make his cage a "happy" place?
  6. A

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