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  1. Rico_Tiel

    Second thoughts and doubts.

    I am honestly kinda nervous about getting a budgie and as much as I hate to admit, I’m having second thoughts. I want to get a budgie but in the same breath, I’m just worried about a lot. What if it dies in transport? What if it doesn’t get along with Rico? What if I leave the room for a second...
  2. BudgieBudgieBudgie

    (SOLVED) Is having the microwave in my birds proximity safe?

    I bought a microwave do I can start making then yams, veggie chops, and I places it in my room where my other eletronics are. Is the proximity of the microwave safe for my budgies? I heard that microwave radiation is bad. I wanna make sure they'll be okay with the distance from it and if...
  3. E

    Sun Conure or Jenday?

    I recently got a conure and he was labeled as Jenday but I’m positive he is a Sun. Just wanted other parrot peoples thoughts. He turns one at the end of april.
  4. Rico_Tiel

    Is my cockatiel Plucking?

    Is Rico plucking? I noticed it the other day.
  5. Rico_Tiel

    So many pellet options, what do I choose?

    Hello! I have come to realize my bird isn’t a huge fan of Psittacus pellets but I like the brand. Sadly he just doesn’t like the pellets anymore so now I just have 4 pounds of pellets he doesn’t favor. He will eat it but prefers other brands. So, when he finishes the bag, I’m going to get him...
  6. EngineerGaming

    Something might be wrong with my Quaker parrot

    My parrot was doing find this past week up until today, my mom told me she saw my parrot in his water bowl slouching down and looked as if he were dead according to her, and usually when my mom would put one of her fingers in his cage he would charge at her but this time he didn’t. He seemed to...
  7. F

    Head Injury?

    Yesterday afternoon my green cheek conure, Beans, got spooked by something and flew into a window. He usually doesn't do this but he hit it pretty hard and stunned himself. The stun only lasted a minute or two and his foot was clenched and his one wing was limp, he soon snapped out of it and...
  8. K

    2 love birds died

    Hi. Two of my little guys passed away, I have no idea what the cause was, they just suddenly died. I recently adopted these two baby lovebirds last October. They seemed very healthy and they would play all the time and were the cutest little joys to have around. They weren’t hand tamed so I was...
  9. A

    Plucking Help !!

    Hi I'm new here but my issue is with my rock pebbler. Recently she has developed the tendency to itch ALOT. I have taken her to the vet and they said she's fine and gave her a shot for any potential mites or parasites. This stopped for a time but it returned again, but it's gotten worse. The...
  10. R

    i struggle taming my parrots

    i got my 2 cockatiels from a breeder when they were 2 years old, they have been with me for around a year. they were fed on a seed mix only diet, and the breeder told me to continue feeding them a seed diet. i did a lot of research and have come to find that seed-only diets are horrible. i just...
  11. Amy-Milo

    Cockatiel with abnormal droppings?

    So I have a male white faced cockatiel. Had him for almost a year now. This problem has been happening for a few months now. But when it first started it wasn’t so bad, he has been having droppings that are a brownish colour? A few months ago it was only like the odd one or two, but now it’s...
  12. M

    Help me understand my rescue bird!

    Hi, new here, from the UK. I have a green cheek conure that we hand raised ourselves, silly tame! No issues. We recently rescued a female Indian ringneck, very little is known about her past, she’s 3-4 years old, told that she prefers women (she definitely does), that she loves to fly and was...
  13. B

    Question(s) on stopping budgies from breeding

    Hello! I need some advice on what to do with a family member and her budgies. She recently moved into our home with 3 budgies that she got from a neighbor (2 males, 1 female, about 5 y/o now). Their cage is on the smaller end (2' L x 3' H x 2' W), but they were never socialized when they were...
  14. B

    Trouble with Keeping Birds Separated

    Hello there. Let me preface this by saying I am trying my damn best right now. I have a conure and a cockatiel, both males, with which the conure is about 8 months old and my cockatiel about 2 or so years (unknown, tbh). They bonded, but I have to keep them separate because my cockatiel will try...
  15. B

    Cockatiel problems with conure

    Hello. So, I have a cockatiel (Artemis) and a conure (Xatu) that are both male. Xatu is about 8 months old, and Artemis is of an unknown age, but around 1-2 years. They get along really well for the most part - grooming and feeding each other even. However, multiple times throughout the day...
  16. 9

    Found tiny white worms in birds’ water bottle

    Hello! Hope this is a good place to post this, but recently I just bought a glass water bottle for my conures. They love bathing and dipping food in their water bowls so even before the day has ended, it’s really dirty. I got a waterbottle for them for these issues, and it’s been great! It’s...
  17. Rayneandpepper

    Sick ringneck?

    Hello, today I bought a green Indian ringneck and moved her into my room. She seems rather sick, drooping her head and moving slow. She’s only a few months old. I also noticed she has this strange spot on her beak, I’ll attach an image if anyone knows what it is. Is this a cause for concern? I’m...
  18. Quetki

    new Senegal

    My father got a Senegal recently and I've been having trouble with it. I would call it a "mean" bird, but really it's just cage aggressive, for some reason when I sit by its cage it'll dance, and talk to me like saying "hi!". This is strange because it hasn't done this with any other family...
  19. Quetki

    My Bird Is Afraid.

    Hello, I got a Conure about a week ago and since today he's been a bit jumpy with me and my hand. He loves to preen me but runs away when I try to make him step up. He's barely even stepping up when I am using treats. He was doing fine the other day, but now he's got a fear of my hand. Who...
  20. L

    Help! I'm losing my mind with my boys!

    Hello I found this forum today and could REALLY use some help.. I have 2 male cockatiels, they're brothers and have been in my care for around 3 years now but suddenly I've been having some problems.. Seemingly out the blue they've begun fighting a lot more than usual! No blood has been drawn...