1. Katrina38

    Baby budgie- flighted and on meds

    I need help! I have a 14 week old handfed English budgie that we have had for about 3 weeks now. He came to us with a respiratory infection and clipped to the point that he couldn’t even flutter. With that said, bonding has been hard because I have had to give the poor babe medicine almost...
  2. S


    So I went to the vet yesterday and they gave me a pill -I believe it’s name is carnitrix- they told me to either feed him it directly or crush it and put it with the food. My first question is that the food I’ll feed him is going to be moist as he has to be hand fed because he’s weak? Second...
  3. 2

    Celebrex side effects in Birds? Black stool/poop

    Before I start I have already talked to the emergency vet who stated to just not give my bird any of the medicine and call my normal vet on Monday to talk about it. Good Morning everyone, I have started giving liquid celebrex to my cockatiel per my vet due to anti-ganglioside antibodies...
  4. M

    Ringneck medicine

    Is animec oral 1% 1.5 ml per litre ok for my 2-3 year old indian ringneck?
  5. Sparklystars

    How to give lovebird oral medicine?

    My little lovebird sherbet is unwell, and while we don't know why yet, the vets have given me some medicine to try her on. How do I give it to her without her hating it/me? I tried this evening to give her her first dose and my friend had to hold her while I tried to feed her with the syringe...
  6. B

    Lovebird seems worse after antibiotics

    Hi, I have a peach face lovebird that I got from a pet shop 3 months ago. After he had settled with me, I noticed that he is sneezing and shaking his head a lot. I had booked an appointment with a nearby avian vet and took him there. The doctor suggested that he might had a cold and that I...
  7. A

    Medicine Giving

    Hey everyone so my green cheek Lilo just had surgery and we have to give her medicine but im having trouble on giving the medicine to her as she doesnt open her mouth, i tried putting the little syringe on the side of her mouth to see if she'll open it and nothing. What we are doing right now is...
  8. B

    Please help me!

    Hello, this is my first post! I'm kinda breaking down here so please help me! It's about my birdie baby. There aren't many vets that treat birds also here where I live now so he's the only vet who treats birds also so I went to him but he's really vague if you know what I mean? This angel is my...
  9. WannaBeAParrot

    Vet visit for Pritti today, poor baby.

    Pritti's avian-vet said he has -consolitation in his lungs indicative of an infection (5 days for culture results) -some kidney distress with some dehydration -and a severe molt So he has some meds and some homeopathic supplements to take orally now. This is exactly why it is so important...
  10. merlinsmom13

    Syringe Training

    I was browsing bird training today & saw a great idea. All of you who have baby birds need to try this. Give them juice or some other liquid that they like in a syringe to help w/giving medicine later. If you did it often as a treat, they would not be afraid when you have to medicate. I am...