1. C

    My parrot's voice is like a dinosaur

  2. R

    New member in Florida

    I have been volunteering for a parrot rescue here in Florida and love them! I have learned so much and now I am looking to find my forever parrot! I hope to learn more here and make new parrot loving friends!!
  3. pikachuthecockatiel86

    New cage for my cockatiel

    Hello. As you can tell by my username, I have a cockatiel named Pikachu. When we got him we had to go with a budgie cage because there weren't any bigger or better cages in the place we got him from. So I'm looking to buy a new, bigger and better cage online. I'm sure he's not enjoying his...
  4. I

    getting bird to like flight suit?

    Just a note: Yes i know some people don't like flight suits but please don't leave hate in the comments. Thank you. My ringneck has worn her homemade flight suit quite a few times, Maybe 3 or 4 in the past few days. Unfortunately since it's homemade we wouldn't condition her to it since we had...
  5. B

    Happy Holidays!

  6. I

    Brown feathers on cockatoos

    Hello, I've just recently changed location and there are many wild cockatoos here (Whitsunday islands in Queensland, Australia). I've noticed that many of them have brown feathers around their beaks, and on their bodies too. They look a lot like this...
  7. G

    It's been 6 months, 0 progress.

    Alright, today was the first time I scolded my IRN. Literally, after months and months of trying to build trust, being extremely patient to all sorts of biting and misbehaviour, and getting him used to his environment, he still has some absolute hatred for me. Scratch that, it's not me, it's my...
  8. N

    New 4 month old Quaker baby! All tips/tricks welcome!

    Hi everyone! New Quaker parent here :) I've had my little Nova for about 2 weeks now and I absolutely ADORE the bones off her. I have a few questions I'm hoping some of you can answer for me if that's okay. 1. Taming I've got budgies that I managed to tame myself and I'm guessing the...
  9. G

    Sad budgie with other parrot

    Hello! I bought 2 months ago red-fronted parakeet (I don’t know if it’s correct in English, the Latin name: Cyanoramphus novaezelandiae) called Henry. But I made a mistake and I didn’t know a lot about parrots then so I trusted the shop owner of the pet shop. He said that the bird is very young...
  10. M

    Cockatiel health help

    Hello everyone! Hope all is well. I am truly looking for help since no vet has been able to help me properly so far and it's making me panic soooo much. A few months ago, my cockateil had something itching him to the extent of bleeding himself. I sprayed a medicine on him and gave him a good...
  11. Zazu


    Hi Every Birdy I'm Zazu!! I'm new to this Forum. I'm 10 weeks old and Love my new home with my little boy and my dad.
  12. Zazu


    Hi Every Birdy I'm Zazu!! I'm new to this Forum. I'm 10 weeks old and Love my new home with my little boy and my dad.
  13. G

    What type of parrot is she?

    I have had this bird for quite a while, she is quite noisy at times but she's calm and won't trigger her yelling instincts unless provoked. i have had her out of the cage on regular basis, but i just cant find her a look alike. Images:
  14. PenClem

    ISO large Macaw as my companion in TX

    I've been searching for a young, adult Macaw to have as my companion for what seems like ages. Even though Texas is a BIG state, it's a black hole for Macaws, apparently. Adult macaws in good condition are hard to come by. I just want to find one to adopt to be my lifelong companion. I'm even...
  15. D

    African Leg Band

    Hi, I have an african grey that I adopted last year. The owner did not know where the african grey was bred. However, there was a leg band reading 7HH96V. The owner said that he was 18 or 8yrs old. I just need help decoding the band; 7HH96V. Any ideas where it was bred and how old it is...
  16. Valyndris

    Jacob is now on YouTube

    Jacob my blue and gold macaw is finally on YouTube. I've been wanting to put his videos on YouTube but the videos from my phone camera came out sideways. I converted them with VLC but they don't upload to YouTube. If anyone knows of a better free converter that doesn't have adware or viruses...
  17. E

    Jenday or Sun Conure?

    I am wanting to see what you guys think about what this little guy is. The pet store that I found the little one in are not sure, which Is strange so I need some help!!
  18. L

    Found Parrot and I need ur help!

    So, today I found parrot in the street which was in very poor condition. I do not know if he is boy or girl, or breed. I think he/she has a disease of beak, I gave him water and food and mineral blocks.
  19. O

    Plucking or Molting?

    Recently I’ve noticed some feathers missing on my quakers left leg. The rest of his body appears to be fine but as the days have been passing more and more feathers have dissapeares off of his leg. I fear that he may be plucking, altough he hasn’t been acting out of the norm, so I’m also...
  20. K

    I'm at the end of my rope with the squawking!!!

    Hey folks, I need help!! I have an 11 year old Meyers parrot. She has her own room, which is our spare bedroom with a wonderful view of the backyard and big old trees. She loves her cage, but she is constantly squawking! If we leave her for more than 15-20 mins, she's squawking. We have been...