1. Astro perches

    Astro perches

    He perches
  2. U

    Heated perch?

    Hello, I have an amazon that has several "trees" around the house. He doesn't have a cage, because those are ugly and we both hate them. For many years, keeping an appropriate temperature wasn't too hard, since I love heat, however, now that I live with my partner, it's either the parrot...
  3. Happy Spot

    Happy Spot

    She hates my fingers/hands. So she is comfy on my head or shoulders.
  4. nebulamori

    Rope perch advice & recommendations?

    Hi everyone! For the last 2 months, I've had a bendable cotton rope toy for my GCC Nova. It is his absolute favorite place-- where he sleeps, plays with his toys, and sits with his cage door open. Sadly, I've noticed a lot of very fine fuzz from fraying for a bird who doesn't play with it at...
  5. S

    Rope for parrots room

    Hi, I have an African Grey & I want to hang a couple of ropes from one wall to another so he has some new places to play and walk about up high. My question is what type of rope can I use & what thickness should it be to support him walking on it comfortably? Thanks for any help!
  6. D

    Full small parrot setup(cage, stands, carriers)

    Location: Los Angeles, California area (Ventura) This full setup was for a green-cheeked conure. She was sweet, alas she has gone. :green: The following would cost a couple thousand dollars new. Includes: stainless steel cage - opens top and side; with wheels; 36"x26"x17" movable stand - with...
  7. B

    DIY Birch-Wood Perch and Toys

    We recently trimmed our river birch in our yard (no pesticides for fertilizers used on the tree) and I decided it might be nice to use the trimmings to make a perch and possibly some toys. I really didn't know how I was going to put it together so I just got as many branches as I could a got rid...
  8. Violet_Diva

    Salvaged Dome Skylight As Perch Poop Catcher - Photos

    I'm working on a new hanging perch for the corner of the sitting room. My friend found a second hand perch in a charity shop for £7.95 with feeding bowls. I just need to replace the wooden part of the perch. It's very similar to this one: I then salvaged a skylight dome which was being thrown...
  9. N

    Cleaning poop off of wood perches?

    Doing my weekly cleaning of Linus's cage, I found a spot with overlapping perches and I hadn't noticed he has been pooping all over the lower perches. How can I clean this so that it is all removed and sanitary?
  10. Transylvania

    "Perch" then "step up"?

    While observing avian zookeepers when they're getting birds out of their cages, I've noticed that they'll tell the bird to "perch" (so the bird calmly stands on a perch right next to the door) before they open the door and have it "step up" on their hand. Is this a common training technique...
  11. N

    How to make Pine safe for birds.

    Many of us desire to make our own perches out of trees growing nearby, but the question of what is safe and what is not is always an issue. Pine is safe, but only when cured. Cured means the pitch has been removed. Pine pitch contains turpentine, a somewhat toxic substance used to remove oil...
  12. J

    Basic questions about parrots , and the dilemma . to clip or not to clip ?

    So i still have many questions , one of my biggest dilemmas now , is to clip or not to clip ? i really want my parrot to be able to fly , but i am so scared something might happen ... i have other pets , i do not intend interaction between my dogs and my parrot ( future parrot ) and it will stay...
  13. M

    Is rope safe?

    Are rope perches and boings safe for Amazons? Would a sisal boing be safer? Thanks :)
  14. C

    Bathing and perch problems

    So I have Sam a bath yesterday when I got done showering, we have a shower perch that the other birds use. I had read that cockatoos love strutting and dancing when showering, which he did but it seemed like he wasn't able to fully do as much as he wanted on the perch. So I was thinking about...
  15. Jennamilito

    Shower perch

    I made gizzy a shower perch using PVC pipe, brackets, suction cups and vet tape
  16. WannaBeAParrot

    Where do your birds sleep?

    Do they sleep in a hut, inside cage, special sleeping cage, on your bed, etc.? if he is at his cage (great rm) for the night, he sleeps on top back perch next to fuzzy snuggle buddy on one side and pulls a stainless mirror with bell to his other side and sandwiches himself between them...
  17. S

    Sleeping place for my Zon?

    I adopted a conure and a Red Lored Amazon within a month of each other and was advised to put a fuzzy little "tent" inside my conures cage. He loves it and snuggles inside it when he's ready to sleep! Nothing was mentioned about a special sleeping area for my Amazon - he's got great branches and...