1. L

    Alexandrine beak peeling/discoloured

    Hey guys, I’ve recently rescued my boy, his roughly around 1 year old. I’ve had him 2 months and he is much healthier and happier but I’ve recently noticed that his beak is discoloured and starting to peel and crack. I’ve given him mineral blocks, fresh fruit and vegetables and a mix of seeds...
  2. D

    Kiwi’s beak

    Hello, I searched this up before posting anything and apparently it’s a scissor beak or crossed beak that can happen for many reasons? Kiwi is around 7 years old, eats well and sleeps well, we recognized the unaligned beak about a week ago. I am asking the internet because I truly think you can...
  3. A

    Something wrong with my green cheeks beak

    This is my first ever bird. There's this yellow stuff between my green cheeks cere and beak, someone please tell me if this a disease or something or if this is normal in parrots
  4. Dan&Rozie

    Normal beak length?

    We adopted our SIE, Bibi, about 6 months ago, and in that time her beak seems to have gotten pretty long. We’re both first time Ekkie owners so not sure if it’s normal to have their beaks trimmed on a regular basis? Here are some before and after picks about 4/5months apart. Thanks for any...
  5. H

    (Help) Cockatiel's Beak

    Hi! I'm new to the community and I'm hoping someone can tell me if my cockatiel's beak is normal? There seems to be a crack at the end of his beak, I'm not sure if its peeling or what, can somebody tell me if this is normal and if there's anything I can do to help him with his beak? Thank you!!
  6. P

    Conure Beak Peeling?

    I adopted Cookie less than a week ago and I’ve noticed its beak looks different than most pictures I’ve seen of Conures. Cookies diet consists of chop, pellets and seeds only as treats. I got some non toxic toys which Cookie has started to play with as well, chewing and such. Has a good appetite...
  7. P

    Budgie has a white mark on beak. Help!

    Hi, Paris (my female budgie) got a white mark near the top of her beak last evening, and it hasn’t gone away. Please help, I don’t know what this is and I don’t think I’ve ever seen it before. :confused: But she’s playful and flying a lot etc. I’ve attached pictures – please help! Edit: If...
  8. Z

    My Bird is very silent

    Its been nearly a month since i got my IRN parrot. It is pretty scared of everything, everyone. He/she does not like most of the veggies that i feed. All that tokyo eats is sweet corn, apple, pomegranate and sunflower seeds. Whenever tokyo is kept outside for a sun bath, i can hear tokyo move...
  9. A

    Indian ring neck beak problem

    Hey this is my Indian ring neck “piku” I got him last week He this small dent on his beak, it’s not bothering him and he is eating normally. Can anybody help me with what this can be ?? I have attached photos Thank you !!!
  10. B

    My baby sun conure has peak separation

    Hello guys, I have a sun conure chick that has a separation on his bottom beak , its not bleeding or anything, and it doesn't seem to hurt or bother him. Should I worry about it, take him to vet? Or it will just grow up naturally? What do you suggest?
  11. M

    Beak seems misshapen? Should I be worried?

    :green2: I’m a relatively new parrot parent, and as such I’m constantly paranoid that my baby is sick or drying when even the smallest thing seems off. I have a 20 year old Panama Amazon, Evita, who I adopted last year from a rescue I volunteer with. I’ve had some concerns with her health...
  12. M

    Beak rubbing

    My GCC loves to rub and tap his beak on anything and everything, is this a normal behavior? I wasn't worried about it because I had heard they did this to show ownership but today I noticed his beak is becoming slightly discolored where he rubs it. He has a beak buffer and cuttlebones in his...
  13. B

    Is this normal?

    So I just bought this baby grey, hes almost 40 days now. All good except I noticed these lines under his beak, are they normal? Looks like beak is forming.
  14. C

    Hole In Parrots Beak, please help!

    Hello, I have a 1.5 year old Jardine named Akie. He has always been healthy and happy, but recently his beak got too long. A while back he spooned out the bottom of his beak on a beak conditioning perch I put in his cage. It grew back luckily, but his beak got too long again. I placed a cuttle...
  15. M

    Broken beak tip.

    Okay this is going to be a long story. I (or rather my baby bird) just had the most horrifying experience today. My fairly idiotic pearly conure decided to take the front door head on. Quite literally. At first i wasn't all that concerned since this was probably the 394th time this sort of...
  16. K

    Beak rubbing

    Okay so my Chappo has defiantly gotten over his little mean streak..i think it had a lot to do with ensuring he got a good night sleep every night.. anyway.. now he is acting super lovey with me..always rubbing his beak on me.. what does that mean ????? Is that a behaviour I should not allow...
  17. V

    Parrot problem with legs

    An indian ringneck parrot lives around my house he is very friendly and comes upon calling it had a problem with his legs since it came now today the problem seems to be increased as it can't walk and uses his beak to move around on the floor. It's legs don't seem to work or is something Else...
  18. Violet_Diva

    What Flavour Is Your Parrots Beak ? - Photos

    It always amuses me to see a flavoursome beak! Seeing jenphillys Ivory (winner of August's POTM competition) makes me smile when I login! :D I thought it would be interesting to know what everyones smothering their beaks with, and also funny to see it! So I was wondering if you guys would...
  19. O

    Beak Misaligned

    Hi, I have an African Grey parrot and his upper and lower beak are significantly misaligned (lower does not sit inside upper), He is able to eat & climb around on his cage without issue or any apparent pain. I have seen him align his beak correctly while grinding the 2 halves together in the...
  20. _cisco_

    birdy beaks

    :green: :33:I've had my bird for 7 years now and he is seven years old and I'm 15 so I'm going to be with him for a very long time he's quite loud and I'm surprised my family hasn't sold him behind my back lol, he's a blue crowned conure so as many people know they have a LOUD scream... and is...