1. K

    Baby ringneck not eating

    My baby ringneck will not eat, I want to clarify that i am fairly expirienced with handfeeding parrots but this is new to me for context So my irns had two babies one had splay legs so i took it for hand feeding about 3 weeks ago. 4 days ago when i was checking the other baby in the nest, the...
  2. T

    Dog Saliva??

    Hi everyone. idek if this will be seen by a lot but im currently dog sitting and bird sitting and so my friend gave me a bag of her birds pellets in a plastic ziplock bag. I stupidly left the bag of pellets on the dinning table chair instead of the dinning table itself and somehow some way this...
  3. Pomegranate seeds

    Pomegranate seeds

    E.B loves fruit. The ones he doesn’t like so far are blue berries and cherries. He’s not very interest in vegetables either but gets them everyday anyways
  4. Bastin

    Budgie food

    Hi I have an aviary with 11 budgies and we’re fed on seed only, I have been trying to get them to eat less seeds and introduce fresh as well as pellets. At the moment putting chopped fresh veg first thing in morning but without much interest. Pak chor sprouts cabbage baby corn lettuce apple...
  5. Rico_Tiel

    What tastes better? Feather dust in your food or in your drink?

    Rico dusted my water and I drank it. It then sparked this question in my mind. What tastes better? Dust in your food? Or dust in your drinks? Edit: before anyone asks, no, I wasn’t aware until I put the glass down.
  6. Rico_Tiel

    Little meme I made

    (If you play L4D this will be even funnier, but it makes sense if you don’t play it!) It happens EVERY TIME he hears me pop open a Pringles can! Regardless of what flavor. He will hang around and stare at me, waiting… he is always there, watching me, waiting for his opportunity to pounce!
  7. Rico_Tiel

    Is it normal to want to eat your bird’s food?

    Every. Single. TIME I look at pellets/treats/seeds/whatever bird food related, I want to eat it. Have you seen that zupreem pure fun for African Greys? Does that not look absolutely delicious? How about pretty bird pellets? Those look yummy too! Zupreem, Harrison’s, Higgins, etc all look really...
  8. ImaParrot

    Are pellets safe to eat?

    For humans, I mean. 🤣 While making rice for my birds I was thinking about how much Elvis loves rice, and then I thought, "duh, it's delicious, and the other stuff is pellets and seeds. Gross." Then I thought, "I wonder what seeds taste like." Then I wondered, "What do pellets taste like? Can...
  9. BudgieBudgieBudgie

    (SOLVED) Is having the microwave in my birds proximity safe?

    I bought a microwave do I can start making then yams, veggie chops, and I places it in my room where my other eletronics are. Is the proximity of the microwave safe for my budgies? I heard that microwave radiation is bad. I wanna make sure they'll be okay with the distance from it and if...
  10. Rico_Tiel

    Pellets for budgies?

    Hi! I am really struggling here because there are not a lot of great pellets for budgies out there. (I DO NOT HAVE A BUDGIE AT THE MOMENT, BUT I MAY BE GETTING ONE IN 28 DAYS) So yeah, as mentioned above, I am struggling here. I will use ZuPreem to transition the budgie from seeds (if it does...
  11. Rico_Tiel

    So many pellet options, what do I choose?

    Hello! I have come to realize my bird isn’t a huge fan of Psittacus pellets but I like the brand. Sadly he just doesn’t like the pellets anymore so now I just have 4 pounds of pellets he doesn’t favor. He will eat it but prefers other brands. So, when he finishes the bag, I’m going to get him...
  12. Rico_Tiel

    got any chop recipes for a picky gremlin?

    Rico is super picky and sensory sensitive but is willing to try new things if it fits his picky wants. can't be too soft, can't be too wet, can't be too red but there should be some because he will be less interested if there isn't any, can't have pomegranate because I am mildly allergic, and...
  13. Vivvy


    Does anyone have any tips, tricks or advice on getting a birdie to start eating vegetables and fruits? He was previously on an all seed diet at the place I got him from and now thats all he wants. I've tried warming up the food, cutting it in certain ways and even mixing in some seed but all...
  14. Aprilxoxo

    Getting extremely fussy eater to eat vegetables or pellets.

    Anyone have any secret sure fire ways to get a seriously picky bird to eat something different? She a 9yr old galah and ive been told shes only been fed seed. Ive had her 2 months and ive tried desperatly to find atleast 1 thing she likes as a gateway to trying new stuff. SHE DOESNT EVEN LIKE...
  15. Quetki


    I made some chop yesterday for my Conure. I got him 5 days ago and he's been really happy and enjoying his life so far, but he's not eating his chop. It has apples, spinach, pumpkin, sweet peppers, broccoli, sweet peas, pineapple, carrots, and stuff. The most he does is lick it and spit it out...
  16. dancing_conure

    Cinnamon Conure doesn't want to go back into her cage!

    Hey guys :) Papaya, my cinnamon green cheek conure doesn't like going back into her cage after she is let out. I have tried so many different methods such as coaxing her onto a stick, turning off the light and shining a torch inside the cage, and putting her favourite treats inside but she just...
  17. dancing_conure

    Is Vetafarm a good brand?

    Hey guys :) So the thing is... I live in Australia and its been really hard to find a good pellet brand that I can actually buy here. I've tried Harrisons, TOP's, Zupreem and Roudybush but they are only available in one or two online stores and have crazy shipping prices. I've seen lots of...
  18. lifeofbrian

    Advice for leaving cockatiel alone for a few days.

    I am moving very far away from everyone I know in the next few months so a time will come when I may have to leave my cockatiel(Mr Snuggles) alone for a few days. The only in 11 years I had to leave him alone was when I was rushed to hospital and kept in for three days, luckily my brother lived...
  19. Raz

    Which food brand?

    I’ve got two Jenday conures and I’m trying to switch to pellets. But trying to find the best ones are hard. So far , my options are Tops , roudybrush and more. Can someone let me know which one would be better based on brand? Please let me know!!
  20. Amy-Milo

    Cockatiel fussy with food?

    I’m worried about my cockatiel. I have had her for around 2 months now but she seems to not like any of the food I give her. I have tried giving her nutri-berries, Harrison’s pellets and a few different brands of seed mixes. She wasn’t interested I’m the nutri-berries or pellets and she just...