1. C

    Something that can replace veggies for a few days?

    Hello. I have a 9 month old caique who i'm boarding for 4 days. It's the only other place near me within an hour that boards birds. They only want me to bring pellets for my caique. I asked about veggies and they said unfortunately no. Now my caique mainly eats veggies and will avoid the...
  2. gibson2503

    Roudybush in the refrigerator?

    I’m switching my goffins cockatoo and sun conure from Zupreem to Roudybush maintenance. Just got a 10 pounds plastic bag from Amazon. Should I store the whole bag in the refrigerator?
  3. mybluebirb

    How many pellets do I give?

    Hello! Anyone else have an indian ringneck who eats Harrison’s adult lifetime coarse pellets? If so how many pellets do you give them daily? Anyone else who has these pellets please share how many you give your parrot and what breed they are! Thank you! ^-^
  4. Rico_Tiel

    Is it normal to want to eat your bird’s food?

    Every. Single. TIME I look at pellets/treats/seeds/whatever bird food related, I want to eat it. Have you seen that zupreem pure fun for African Greys? Does that not look absolutely delicious? How about pretty bird pellets? Those look yummy too! Zupreem, Harrison’s, Higgins, etc all look really...
  5. Rico_Tiel

    Pretty Bird Daily Select?

    Hi, so I discovered a pellet brand called Pretty Bird. I can get all sizes but I cannot get the species specific for cockatiels because it is not sold on Amazon and will not ship outside of the continental USA because Alaska :/ Anyway, I believe that it’s a brand that I could feed to Rico and...
  6. Rico_Tiel

    Pellets for budgies?

    Hi! I am really struggling here because there are not a lot of great pellets for budgies out there. (I DO NOT HAVE A BUDGIE AT THE MOMENT, BUT I MAY BE GETTING ONE IN 28 DAYS) So yeah, as mentioned above, I am struggling here. I will use ZuPreem to transition the budgie from seeds (if it does...
  7. krystof.chabr

    Is anyone using these pellets?

    Just what the title says really, I wanna know what would be best for my future birds to eat, and wanna know if these are suitable.
  8. Rico_Tiel

    So many pellet options, what do I choose?

    Hello! I have come to realize my bird isn’t a huge fan of Psittacus pellets but I like the brand. Sadly he just doesn’t like the pellets anymore so now I just have 4 pounds of pellets he doesn’t favor. He will eat it but prefers other brands. So, when he finishes the bag, I’m going to get him...
  9. Aprilxoxo

    Getting extremely fussy eater to eat vegetables or pellets.

    Anyone have any secret sure fire ways to get a seriously picky bird to eat something different? She a 9yr old galah and ive been told shes only been fed seed. Ive had her 2 months and ive tried desperatly to find atleast 1 thing she likes as a gateway to trying new stuff. SHE DOESNT EVEN LIKE...
  10. B

    bug infested lafeber pellets

    i feed my budgies lafebers parakeet pellets and just found some beige colored insects in the bin. i don’t have another bin and the one i ordered won’t be here until tomorrow. does anyone know if i should feed them the infested pellets or if it would be ok to have them on some other food for a day?
  11. BirdyBee

    Any suggestions on pellets??

    It seems like a lot of these "Bird-tubers" can be very forceful when it comes to recommending pellets. They say things like "this is trash for your bird" or that "any pellets containing fillers are HORRIBLE and should never be fed to your bird".. TBH It hurts and it's difficult for a kid like me...
  12. I

    so... vetafarm...

    listen, i know we really dislike vetafarm here ESPECIALLY for ekkies, BUT how do we feel about occasionally giving an ekkie some of this: Vetafarm Forest Fusion Lorikeet "Formulated by veterinarians and made with fresh Australian ingredients, Vetafarm’s Forest Fusion Lorikeet diet has been...
  13. R

    Congo african grey refuses pellets.

    Hi everyone! I have a question regarding pellets I have a 23 year old congo african grey. I feed him fruits,nuts and vegetables as well as legumes. I saw a while ago that pellets are a must in parrots diet but the thing is.. throughout his life he was never interested in pellets. We had other...
  14. SoberParrots

    RoundyBush Pellets

    Is roundy bush still a good option for pellets? I mix them with seeds and my bird does enjoy them. I did see an Amazon review saying they changed the formula to a more unhealthier choice. I’m not sure to believe it or not. Thoughts?
  15. C

    Any tips for a pellet conversion?

    Hello everyone, I will be changing my lutino lovebirds pellets from ZuPreem fruit blend to Roudybush. I had planned to do this from a long time, but Roudybush pellets weren't able here due to the coronavirus situation here, thankfully they are now. I am fully aware of the dyes and sugars they...
  16. P

    Please Help with Feeding Behaviour

    Hi, I've had my baby african grey since she was only a few months old and is now 7 years old... she's been fed primarily on Kaytee Exact Rainbow pellets as this is what the breeder told me was best and she was raised on. She gets fresh fruit/vegetables... not often enough, but semi-frequently...
  17. N

    Is it okay to soak my quaker and cockatiel's pellets?

    Hello! I've been running out of ideas to convert my quaker and cockatiel to pellets. I've had them for years, so needless to say they're not giving up without a fight. However, I recently found that they like their Zupreem pellets a lot more when they've been soaked in hot water and become a...
  18. U

    Help with Pellets

    Hi everyone. New member here. Hope everyone is doing well. I wanted some help with selecting pellets for my Indian ringneck. Unfortunately, I do not have access to a lot of highly rated pellets like Harrisons here, and they cost a lot to get them imported. But I do have access to certain...
  19. C

    Amount of pellets to be eaten

    I don't know how much small size pellets I should give to my sun conure. I keep it in a bowl my conure jzt keeps Eating...I'm kinda scared it will get overweight or something like dat... Pls someone tell me how much should I give for breakfast n lunch n dinner...anyways in between I would give...
  20. P

    Converting a budgie from seeds to pellets

    Hi, I’m trying to convert my young budgie (Phil) from a base diet of seeds to pellets. He does eat vegetables, sprouts and other healthy food, but I’d like him to eat pellets. I’d appreciate any advice. :) I’m using Harrison’s Organic Pellets (high potency, super fine). So far, I’ve added...