First Parrot Help - 6 mo Meyers (F)


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Jun 19, 2021
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Hello, My fianc? and I recently adopted a Female Meyers parrot (Kiwi). When we got her, she was 5 months old and the breeder said she was hand fed. This is my first experience with a bird, but my fianc? grew up taking care of two orange winged Amazons. They were rescued from a negligent breeder, so they were older and took many years to socialize.

While my fianc? may have experience with birds, I am almost clueless. I have been watching videos and reading many posts, but I feel as though something isn?t clicking for me. I know the basics, like making slow movements, rotating which toys she has, using natural wood and sisal rope perches, having time out of the cage, and eating a diet of mostly pellets and veggies with only some fruits and minimal seeds. My issues arise when I try to socialize with her.

I am the one who spends the most time with her, as I work from home. She is comfortable with my presence, she will sit as close as she can to me while I?m in the room, but as soon as I give her the opportunity to come out, the problems start. Kiwi does not like to stay in one spot for long. She is always trying to fly around and does not acknowledge me when I try to target train with her. She wants to do her own thing. We specifically asked the breeder we adopted her from to not clip her wings, but he clipped them anyway. I am not sure if she acts out because she feels vulnerable, because she can?t fly, or she just doesn?t like me.

I realize that may sound silly, but Kiwi acts completely different around my fianc?. When he comes home, she begins to pace in her cage and chirp and make kissing noises. She only is vocal when he comes home, even though I talk to her and make kiss noises at her all day long. Not only that, but she behaves when he has her out too. Kiwi will target train like a champ with him. She is even starting to step up for him!

While I?m happy she?s learning, I?m just not sure what I am doing wrong. I am the one who primarily takes care of her, feeds her, gives her fresh water, gives her mist baths etc. and yet I feel like she doesn?t trust me. What could I do to fix this? We?ve only had her for a month, so I am hoping it is just something she?ll grow out of?. Any thoughts?


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Nov 22, 2015
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Your not doing anything wrong. Often happens that the primary care giver is NOT the favorite person. Suggest you determine her fav treat, and YOU are the only one to provide it. She has barely settled in, so slow down your expectations. It might take months and months before she is comfy around every one.

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