1. E

    male or female kakariki - adding a new bird

    hi I'm wondering if our current kakariki is male or female. the lady at bought her from said she was a female. I've attached a photo of her beak. we want to add another kakariki but are worried the two might not get along. has anyone had issues with housing two? Thanks.
  2. yellowKAKARIKI

    Ontario... beak trimming a difficult Kakariki

    help forum friends! My Kakariki has stopped trimming his beak recently and its growing and growing, Im going to have to deal with it... option 1 have a avian vet trim it. option 2 I trim it. I don't like either of these options! Living in the boonies of southern Ontario its a trek for...
  3. yellowKAKARIKI

    Kakariki says Hi Parrot Forums!

    hello all. my name is Andrew and I have a 6year old male Kakariki. I was working at someones home almost 4 yrs ago and was captivated by this beautiful yellow bird. You could see he was a pretty smart cookie, then my co-worker noticed that the bird was listed on Craigslist... I talked to...
  4. H

    New here, meet my babies

    Hi, I'm Hannah and here are my birds - Puff (blue with yellow head), Peewee (white), Pixel (blue), Pippy (cockatiel) and Pikachu (kakariki). My birds are my whole world, they are extremely spoilt. They are only put in cages for bed, even Pixel who as you see had her wings clipped as a baby has...
  5. I

    Unenthusiastic Kakariki?

    So, I have a buttercup kakariki called Cheese. Right now I'm doing target training. He does it pretty good, however he doesn't bother to move. He will rotate his head, even stretch his head a bit but he will not move at all! Not even one step, he's just that lazy. I even change treats from...
  6. R

    My kakariki is ripping the sage I put in my tea and rubbing it on himself?

    It is weird considering I've never seen him doing it before, he usually steals it for a bit or two but recently he's been putting tiny bits of it in between his feather. It's like disguising his smell in it, I don't know man, but this is a first time for me. I'm hiding the sage from him, he's...
  7. K

    Sudden agression in tame kakariki

    Hi all, I have had my kakariki for just over a year now, 13 month old male. I hand reared him and he is very tame and shown with many people he is comfortable with human interaction. This morning when going to let him out, i noticed some agreesive behaviour as he went to bite me and i opened...
  8. L

    Is this kakariki male or female?

    Hello! I've got a kakariki and I'm curious if he is a male or a female.
  9. C

    Sudden Biting Behaviour

    Hey Everyone, Firstly I am very new to both owning a parrot and the parrotforums. I have had nothing but canaries for the last 10 years, and sadly lost my old girl to a tumour. I decided that I wanted to acquire a bird that would last a bit longer, therefore I could get more time with. I have...
  10. R

    Kakariki plucking my turquoisine

    So my Kakariki is now 3 and a half months old. She thinks she owns the place but she's young and learning. She's in this bite mode where she needs to check everything out with her beak, toys, clothes, ears, neck, hands, floor, whatever. She's maturing. I can still pick her up though although she...
  11. S

    Kakariki's Gf died and now he's screaming for a mate..

    TLDR: Male kak's girlfriend died. He cries for a mate. I can't bring one because history'd repeat, but his heart is breaking,and so is mine. What should I do? This will be a strong rant. First of all someone up there decided to take my pretty girl away,who loved the boy more than I could ever...
  12. R

    Question about weaning age

    Can weaning ages vary? I'm 99% positive that NO TWO BIRDS are the same, and I'm getting some grief from people on a parrot facebook group about my new bird. I brought home my new kakariki last night. She will be 6 weeks old in 2 days. The breeder was raising her and weaning her for me and...
  13. R

    My future baby bird has hatched

    So I previously mentioned I had a baby girl kakariki on reserve from the breeder but the last group of babies didn't work out for me due to time constraints. But so it looks like this will be the bunch that I will, more likely than not, be getting a new baby from once weaned. The chicks are only...
  14. R

    Opinion on arrangement for new bird(s).

    Please don't judge immediately about the fact that I am asking this question so soon after Cleo. :23::19_indiff This has been a difficult week already. So let me explain: 1. Merlin has been crying so much that he has made more noise the past 2 days than the entirety that I owned him and Cleo...
  15. R

    Progress with Cleo!!!!

    Hey everyone sorry I've been absent the past week or so, I had the flu and just wasn't online much. But I am really excited right now. I have had Cleo, (my 2nd kakariki ever owned,) since The end of October. (My recently deceased boy was extremely hand tame since day 1.) However With Cleo, she...
  16. R

    What should I name my new birds?

    I have a little male turquoisine (the rainbow one) and a female kakariki (the yellow and green one with the red head). I am stuck between 2 sets of names. Turq - Merlin Kak - Zelda (Like Merlin from Sword in the Stone, and Legend of Zelda) Or Kak - Merry Turq - Pippin (Like from Lord of...
  17. R

    Miracle after Tiki's death

    A miracle happened today. Fate or coincidence? I think fate. So I found 1 single breeder of Kakarikis in Queens, NY. There are only a few in the United States and they are typically in California (where this breeder actually goes and gets them) and that is after they are imported from New...
  18. R

    Should I get a 2nd Kakariki??

    I have a male kakariki. He's over a year old. He had a rough summer cause he was sick and stuff and ever since then he's just not the same. He's had some various issues but my vet has found that nothing is ever detrimental. He's had anemia and a bad molt that he had pain and stuff but he's just...
  19. R

    Hello my fellow bird lovers

    Hello! My name is Valerie. I joined parrot forums a couple of days ago because often when I google things about my bird or birds in general, I've noticed parrotforums.com appears quite a bit in my search results. This bird community seems really great and I am excited to be apart of it! I've...
  20. R

    Kakariki sleeping all day on bottom of cage, is lethargic and completely silent.

    SICK Kakariki sleeping all day on bottom of cage, is lethargic and completely silent. I have a red fronted male Kakariki. :green1: His name is Tiki. He is approximately a year old. Typically he is extremely hyper which is typical of Kakarikis. They have a lot of energy. Tiki is normally very...