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Feb 23, 2022
My new lovebird Percy came from a previous owner with all his stuff. This includes a "nest" that is very dark and cozy and I'm sure will make him hormonal as soon as he's old enough for that (he's 7 or 8 months old). He really loves it though and goes in there to sleep every night and I'd feel bad to take it away without any sort of replacement. I've seen both good and bad as far as things like seagrass tents and mats so I wasn't sure if that was the best "nest" replacement. I was wondering if anybody had any recommendations for a not dark, not fibrous place for him to sleep.


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Aug 30, 2021
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Some members here use seagrass huts without any problems. They're much better than the fuzzy cuddle huts, which can be EXTREMELY dangerous. But seagrass huts can still make a bird hormonal; of course it depends on the individual. Try one out and if it doesn't work out, remove it.

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