Aug 17, 2022
Parakeet, Quaker parrot
I have a male Quaker parrot and his name is Scout, whenever he’s on my shoulder he always bites my ears and my neck and no it’s not him nibbling me, if he were then it wouldn’t be hurting, he full on bites me and a quaker parrots bite hurts. I saw a video that suggested I’d pinch his beak, but not too hard and it’s not really effective. Is there anything else I can try?
Do you put him down (back on his cage or on a perch) when he bites you? (But doing so with no drama.) From what I'm reading, if you respond with a big reaction, that might be positive reinforcement that makes him think the biting is a game. But if you simply and quietly put him down, he may learn that if he bites you, he doesn't get to be on you, so may stop biting to get to spend more time on you.
Talking to them , tell them be careful. Be nice. No bite. Shift off you if bites.

The best thing is to work on your trust and bond. No shoulder sitting anymore. Until you guys are in a better place. Can be on your hand can hold hand besr your chest when sitting. But no shoulder.

Also bites can be because another person or pet comes near you. Burds will bite mstes to make them fly away. Are there others around when bites?
What Laura said. Also, keep note of what precedes the biting, so you know if it’s something you can eliminate or reduce. Like if your bird bites when you use the phone, put him back on his cage or a perch before you use it.

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