Question(s) on stopping budgies from breeding


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Nov 6, 2013
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Thanks for the cage suggestions!! I'll look into those as well!! And wow, NINE years?? That's insane! I'll definitely have to try again!! I hope that you continue to bond with him over things and that things go well for the two of you!

I made mistakes with Slater, and I finally realized we needed a reset. I started back at the beginning with him and that was the key. His screaming stopped and once that happened we were able to become friends. I can't even remember the last time he screamed at me, and a few nights ago he was startled off his cage by Talli and ended up on the floor. For the first time ever, he ran over for me to pick him up instead of my husband:)


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May 11, 2018
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Thank you for responding! And yes, breeding is something I would prefer them *not* to do. If I were to separate the female from the 2 males however, would she get lonely/stressed? As she's not good with people. Could I keep her in the old cage and the males in the flight cage? At the same time though, I would feel bad leaving her in the other cage if it's too small. These are just questions that I have, if you're not able to answer that's 100% okay!
If nobody mentioned it, female birds can not only die from egg binding but also from laying eggs too much. That why that vet sounds a bit heartless. I worked for a vet, and they’re just like human doctors. Some can be professionally nice, but still give you shitty advice. Hes only going to profit when you rush in with a most likely dying bird. If hes anywhere under 50, hes still paying off his university loan. Most vets drop nearly half a million to get through vet school. And if he’s an avian, even more. The vet system needs to be overhauled, badly. Since the early 90s, they’ve been more about greed than animal welfare.
Look up some clips on parakeet ‘pregnancy’ and egg binding, so you see how hard giving birth can be for a bird, and egg binding is fairly common, as was pointed out. I was up with my bird all last night because I was worried it might turn into that. Unfortunately you can never take it for granted, because they can lay a few ok, and then the next one…

The birds won’t be sad if they are separated by sex in different cages, side by side. You let them fly right? Watch them interact, then. Like you said, they all lived together for years? Put up swings and perches around the room that they can use alone or solo.

And I would say don’t put a new bird in with your girl, if you get a female. Let them stay in their own cage until they feel like entering your girls cage. It may take months, but they can play in free flight time, if they want. Pretty soon she’ll probably make herself a snack in your girls cage, then soon after, be sitting side by side with her.
Wishing you luck, you seem to be very conscientious about how they need such particular care 💚


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Feb 19, 2023
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I agree with some of the advice given here. But why are is Cuttlebone and oyster shells being recommended? I can't confirm it but I'd think a budgie would get more calcium from pellets then those.
Cuttlebone and oyster shells are the cheaper version of calcium, but isn't the most effective.
Also to me giving a cockatiel companion is a bad idea. Budgies are bullies (especially girls), tiels are push overs... till they're not and they turn on the small annoying bird potentially killing them. Large Aviary settings are the only place I'd try that mix.

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