should i get Ellie's band removed?

May 9, 2024
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Ellie is starting to get a little bothered by her ID band on her foot. i'd personally like to keep it on her in the case that she flies away, but I also want her to be comfortable and not irritated.
I had Saltys removed, as it got caught on a toy he had. Make sure your Vet does remove it, and note it and the marking on the birds medical chart.
I had my got my girls leg bands removed as Albie got hers caught on a toy.

Both my girls are microchipped so they have a permanent way to be identified. They did need sedating to have it done
Ditto and ditto, the Rb's came off (via vet) for similar reasons. The microchip is a great idea.... wasn't around in the early days of the Rb's life, and I haven't gotten one but as he hits age 40, I still kinda think about it...
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Thank you everyone for the insight, I think I might get her microchipped some time soon and remove her band :)
Hello! Is her ID band the metal closed ones? I don’t know if I should remove Rubies as she doesn’t seem to have any problems with it. Yet.
I had both my birds bands took off cause Skye's was smooshed onto his leg and it was really tight. And Kiwis was just irritating.
Is your band actually registered/indexed anywhere? I'm going to be honest, 99% of the time, people who find birds don't know about leg band registries anyway. The leg band isn't going to make a difference in most cases. If they bring a bird to a shelter, then maybe the shelter will check registries, but it's really hit or miss. I worked at a cat/dog shelter that also coordinated a foster program for birds and caged animals, and the foster coordinator didn't know about leg band registries until I told her.

You might be able to get your bird chipped, which would be way more reliable than a leg band in terms of bringing him home to you... if your bird is too small for a chip, and you want to hold on to that tiny boost in chances that you'll get your bird back, I understand, but honestly I feel like subscribing to local FB groups (my area has a lot of "What's happening in (city)" groups for the nearby cities) and reporting your bird missing, as well as reporting him to all of the nearby shelters and animal welfare groups, is going to get you way further than a leg band. I'm a leg band skeptic lol.

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