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Sep 7, 2016
Hi everybody! I've had parrots since I was a little kid, but I've never had a rainbow lorikeet before. I've had my rainbow lorikeet for about a month now and am in love with her: she's such a cutie!

She has a giant "house", gets nectar twice a day, has fresh water each day, gets Zupreem fruit blend (I call them her "fruity pebbles"), and fresh fruit and veggies each day. She gets to play for at least an hour each day. She's starting to say some phrases and she loves to try to wrestle.

There are two behaviors that I don't understand.

1) She does a weird thing with her mouth that I have never seen before. It's like she's "licking her lips", sticking her tongue on each side of her beak. It's like she's making faces at herself. I'm going to try to attach a video of this behavior.

[ame=""]Rainbow Lorikeet Smacking Her Lips - YouTube[/ame]

2) We also have a monk parakeet and whenever they see each other, the lorikeet will make a noise almost like rapidly smacking her lips, and the two have touched tongues. She has otherwise seemed more aggressive toward him so I've been keeping them apart, but the other day they "french kissed". Which was beyond weird. What's up with that?? :green1:

Thanks in advance!!
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