rainbow lorikeet

  1. kyladoodle

    Help! She laid an egg….

    Hey everybody. Miss Gizmo suprised me a couple of days ago with a small egg at the bottom of her cage. She appears to have a bit of egg butt going on - but still her usual self, being noisy, happy, eating and drinking which is great. I’m a little stressed though as I know female lories are prone...
  2. K

    Crazy lorikeets! Help please!

    Hi everyone, We just took on two Rainbow Lorikeets from some people who weren't looking after them. We, unfortunately, didn't know what we were getting ourselves into! We have worked with a lot of animals over the years, however these two are really hard to figure out... Initially we had them...
  3. W

    Young lorikeet won't stop crying?

    Hi everyone! First time poster, apologies if this gets long. A week ago I became the owner of a 9 week old rainbow lorikeet. Although she was (apparently) fully-weaned when I bought her, she seems to have regressed a little... so I've been hand-feeding her wet lorikeet food (as well as offering...
  4. B

    Rainbow Lorikeets black feathers, cause for concern?

    My rainbow lorikeet has started to get a bit of black on its wings. is thissomething to be concerned about?
  5. C

    Weird Lorikeet Mouth Behavior?

    Hi everybody! I've had parrots since I was a little kid, but I've never had a rainbow lorikeet before. I've had my rainbow lorikeet for about a month now and am in love with her: she's such a cutie! She has a giant "house", gets nectar twice a day, has fresh water each day, gets Zupreem fruit...
  6. Kirikaze

    Teeth licking lorikeet???

    Hi, i have a female, 3y/o Rainbow lorikeet she is recently obsessed with licking my teeth?? i gave her pear the other day and she seemed to love it, could it mean she is wanting more of it???? (she is laying eggs (extra info)) or is she just 'preening/bonding' help plz...
  7. H

    My Tamed Rainbow Lorikeet — Squeaky

    Today I will show you my baby rainbow lorikeet called Squeaky. He was atleast 2weeks old and was raised by me because I cam after school and playing with him until he felt like it was too much, I always provided him fresh fruit and ALOT of toys, He's went through this stage called "runner bird"...
  8. D

    My Parrot died yesterday -Bird AUTOPSY anyone has done it?

    My life was forever changed drastically yesterday. I'm still in shock. My little precious Baby Dino started throwing up on Wednesday. Before then, there was no sign of illness. I took him yesterday to the vet. My vets VCA turn me down, because they stop not seeing birds, the last time I was...
  9. lorika

    I just can't believe how tame my lorikeet is

    Is this normal for parrots!? He just sorta lies down in the palm of your hand... So adorable! =D Rainbow Lorikeet Parrot playing with a paper straw - YouTube
  10. lorika

    My lorikeet takes a shower in the sink

    Hey guys ^^ Just wanted to share this video of my lorikeet taking a shower in the sink. It's just so cute. Thanks for all the help and advice with him, he's doing so great now! ^^ =D :rainbow1: Adorable Young Rainbow Lorikeet Takes A Shower - YouTube
  11. lorika

    Should playful biting be discouraged?

    Hi everyone! My rainbow lorikeet, 8.5 weeks old (just started flying) it totally fascinated with my hands, fingers and ring. Whenever I hold my hand out to him, he takes the fingers (or bits of skin) in his beak kind of locking and "biting" - but very gently. I've encountered him once or...
  12. lorika

    Baby lorikeet - no poop?

    Hey everyone! Since saturday I've had a baby rainbow lorikeet. He's now six and a half weeks old. He's just getting used to being hand-fed. We fed him yesterday at around 21:00, and this morning at 7:00. I can see he pooped yesterday after we put him back in his cage, but he hasn't pooped this...
  13. lorika

    Baby lorikeet hasn't pooped since yesterday

    Hey everyone, My rainbow lorikeet Loki is six weeks old and has been with me since saturday. He's just getting used to being hand-fed. We fed him yesterday at around 21:00 and this morning ar 7:00. I can see that he has pooped in his cage yesterday after feeding-time, but he hasn't pooped yet...
  14. lorika

    Questions from a first-time lorikeet owner

    Hi everyone! ^-^ From the depths of the Netherlands I come to you. I'm hoping to get a rainbow lorikeet soon and I am just full of questions. 1. He/she will then be about 7 weeks old. Is that an appropriate age to get a bird at? Will I have to feed her or will she be self-sufficient? 2. At...
  15. Rainbow Lorikeet

    Rainbow Lorikeet

    Matilda our Rainbow Lorikeet & a wild Rainbow Lorikeet feeding on the nectar in one of the pods in our palm tree. Photo's taken by myself (Nathan - N-ScapePhotography )
  16. parabellumfoto

    Wild Rainbow Lorikeet Eating Nectar

    Hello Everybody, I'm a photographer and I thought I might share with you this photograph. This photograph was taken two days ago at a public park in inner west Sydney. The Rainbow Lorikeet was about a yard or so away from me. He was eating the nectar off the red Bottlebrush. If you look...
  17. Jamie_95

    Bye bye Petrie :(

    So this is Petrie ~ the baby Lorrie i've been looking after :) I released him back into the wild where i found him about half an hour ago. But don't worry! He was looking much happier and healthier today than he was when i found him. His beak was a brown colour when i first took him in, and now...
  18. Jmonkey1708

    Rainbow lorikeet or Caique?

    I'm considering getting another parrot. I only have one so far and he's a mexican red headed amazon. Does anyone know the pros and cons of each? I'm looking for something that's playful and active. I have done research and so far these too seem like little clowns lol. I also plan to get my bird...
  19. justin

    Blue Mountain Lorikeet ****s Everywhere

    Hello Everyone, I recently got a blue mountain lorikeet, hatch date was on July 2nd, 2012. It's just an early 5 months old. I have not DNA tested him yet to know if it's a boy or a girl, but I think it's a boy from his behavior. Loves humans and is tamed like no other. Anyways, he ****s every...
  20. L

    My lory bites me when I put him back in the cage!?

    I have a young rainbow lorikeet (don't know exactly how old because he was rescued) and when ever I pick him up to put him back in the cage, he starts biting my fingers that are holding him, hard. I've only had him for about 5 days, but he is hand tame and is very friendly other than that. What...