Which of these parrot species are least skittish??


Dec 25, 2014
These are the birds of choice:

- budgie
- cockatiel
- love bird
- green cheek conure
- parrotlet

Based on just your experience?
I think it depends on how they are brought up....

My weiros are a bit skittish, but they weren't hand-tame when I got them and I haven't put in the work to handle them a lot. There's one up at the pet supply shop and he walks around the shop with the staff and you can pick him up. One of my budgies isn't too bad, but the other one I used to have was very skittish and wouldn't come near me.

In general, I'd probably say budgies are more "flighty" than weiros. I've never had the others.
I would have to say Green Cheeks based from the ones from PetCo. Man, they just love jumping down and trying to interact with you! Other than that, a Love Bird, they can get bold at points.

But as Strudel said, it depends on their level of socialization to new people, toys, ect. They can all be skittish when they have night frights though.
This question is like asking "how long is a piece of string?"
It comes down to how well the bird has been socialised, the type of environment it has been raised in, where the cage is placed in the house, the level of noise in the house and the temperament of the individual bird.
There are so many variables to consider...:confused:
The only one on the list I've really worked with are the green cheeks and the 'tiels. Neither one of which is skittish if they are handled and socialized properly, and both of which will be if they do not get handled...

A conure is, essentially, a shrunken macaw.

I really don't have any experience with the others...

Other than sennies, conures, tiels, and caiques, my experience has been with amazons and larger...

Primarily larger.
The birds of the species you have listed that I have met are not very skittish. It depends on how they were raised or brought up or you could work with an untame one and it may become the best bird ever. Lovebirds and Parrolets are the sassiest of the group. Budgies and Cockatiels can go either way. I have seen really sweet and timid cockatiels and budgies. My cockatiel is pretty demanding. If I am home and she knows it she will make a racket until I come. GCCs are sweet and comical all of the above are good choices.
I agree that what type of bird depends on their background but my personal preference, (because I own the little queen now :) ) is the green cheek conure. I would suggest though getting advice from those on this forum with much more experience and with a larger variety of birds than I have.
See which one likes haggis...oh, skittish...never mind
It ALL depends on individual bird - how it was socialized and treated as a baby and growing up. I have all of these species except parrotlet, and none of them is really skittish. They didn't come to me tame, and my lovebird who was the most timid of all became a fearless adventure seeker! :D Even if you get a skittish bird (all mine were more or less skittish in beginning) with proper taming and socializing you can change him/her to tame and loving companion.

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