1. J

    Question about soldering

    Hi, I currently have someone soldering a pipe downstairs. I wasn't aware that the fumes maybe mad although I still moved my birds to the top floor and opened all the windows downstairs. They are currently soldering the copper pipe that was leaking. The room that I'm sitting in has no air flow...
  2. jBurn801

    White poop please help.

    I noticed this morning that one of my budgies is pooping white and he's pooping more often than usual. I cleaned the cage and I've been watching him all day. He's been acting normal (singing, preening, eating, drinking, and playing). I've been observing his poop color throughout the day and...
  3. S

    Green cheek conures not getting along

    Hello everyone. So allow me to get right to the chase. I am currently the owner of two GCCs, Hawk and Swoop. I have had Hawk for about a year and a half and have had him since he was weened (assumed male, non DNA tested) and he has been the sweetest and most playful thing imaginable. He was...
  4. J

    Curing silicone inside?

    Hi again everyone, this is a bit of a weird post but I wanted people's opinions on if this is safe or not (I plan on calling my vet in the morning and asking just to be safe). Long story short I have a bioactive set up for my reptile it's super big and it's located upstairs it sprung a leak and...
  5. Sa_2503

    New bird advice

    First of all, I have to apologize, this situation was not in my control. This will mostly be a vent/rant but I will also ask for advice. I had been inquiring about getting a parrot I was going for an Eclectus or even a macaw, and my family was mostly on board (as I am 17 years old). I decided...
  6. Squeeing_Onion

    Is this Utility Heater safe to use with a parrot?

    Heya! Been a while. Bongo and I are cozied up at a ren' fest I'm running a store at, and the building I'm in doesn't have built-in heat. I was provided with a lil' space heater that looks about like this...
  7. IrisOwl

    Need Help & Advice

    So I have had me and my parent's cockatiels (We have two) for over a year now and part of me wants to add another bird but I want to find the right one for me. My bird, Artemis, is not very active and prefers cuddles and scritches more than anything. I want a bird who is equally cuddly but...
  8. T

    Shaking & quiet

    Hi everyone! First post here. My 2 year old sun conure, Zazu seems a bit puffy these days. On top of that she does seem to be shaking/quivering a bit like she’s cold but my apartment is a good temp. She stayed overnight and had blood work at the avian vet this past weekend. Everything came...
  9. R

    Taming two old budgies? Is there a way?

    Hi! I was searching the web for a place to ask this and found this page. First time poster. I have a situation with my two budgies. Background info: I had two, got one more from someone who couldn't keep him any longer, then one of the originals passed away. One of them is about 7 years old...
  10. Windsilver

    Hi There - I've Recently Joined

    Hello Community - I am a relatively new parakeet owner, although I did have a parakeet as a little girl. My Story in brief - to prevent myself from adopting a new puppy (COVID Crazy) I adopted a couple of keets from my local MSPCA. They were beautiful birds - but older so it was a challenge...
  11. MelloYello

    Where to buy java stand?

    Hi! does anyone know any reputable places to buy java stands? Not just one specific size. I'm looking for small, large, and medium. All natural and safe to chew please! Thank you and have a lovely day!!:D
  12. J

    Biting issues and puberty questions

    Hi all, so I've written in the health section about some issues I've had with my GCC Java a few times, health wise he's doing well and we haven't had any scares since thank goodness but now we've moved on to a new issue. Java has recently gotten VERY bitey and aggressive, he's got a good...
  13. C

    My budgie is sick and I don't know why

    Hi all. Sorry to make my first post here a somber one. Introduction: I have a budgie named Trickster. I have had her for about 6 years now and she is a lovely, inquisitive girl. She loves interacting with new objects, flying around, and exploring. She loves to play with fingers and enjoys...
  14. A

    Bites, won't step up

    Hello guys!!! So I have a cockatiel here, I've had him for well over a year now and I haven't found anything to help.. So he's not exactly completely aggressive towards hands. If i go to pet him, he's completely fine. I can kiss him, and pet his head. As SOON as I try to get him to step up he...
  15. PapayaTheQuaker

    Training advice please!

    Hello! I've had Papaya for a while now but I feel as though we are not completely bonded as most parrot owners are. I feel as though he is still very skittish and and he tends to bite me when he is in his cage and I know quakers are very cage aggressive but nevertheless I would assume it...
  16. J

    At a loss for how to feel or react (vent)

    I last posted about Java going to the vet for a sneezing fit, getting antibiotics, and getting better. After that whole fiasco I thought everyone was doing well and was happy. Then Java was out of his cage doing his usual stuff and he flew around landed and was breathing heavily and then threw...
  17. J

    Sickly or am I paranoid? (Advice needed)

    I recently took Java (my gcc) to the vet because he had a bit of a sneezing fit and I wanted to make sure he was okay. He had a bit of a rough drive there and back but the vet said he looked great and everything seemed normal other than a slight overgrowth of bacteria in his mouth that he now...
  18. apathygurl

    vibrating on my finger?

    hi, i'm new here. my 8 month sun conure, that i got a couple months ago, does this strange behavior i haven't heard of. she doesn't do it a lot but sometimes she'll latch her beak onto my finger or nail and start shaking up and down vigorously. she doesn't do that with anyone else in my family...
  19. SamBeben

    Opening a bird rescue

    Hey all! I'm looking to open a bird rescue somewhere within the next 10 years and I was curious what other experienced bird owners would like to see out of a rescue?
  20. K

    sun/ jenday/ sunday conure?

    So Isla is my beautiful conure! i was told she’s a sun conure but i’ve had a lot of mix messages from people to what she is. i’ve been told she might be a sunday but then others say jenday or sun. She’s 4 months old now. it’s so hard to tell since she’s still young. Any ideas?